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Ring Master

Ring Master


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The first episode will be an introduction of this channel and associated web site / organization.


A site for citizen's / taxpayer's gripes, exposure, and comments on issues of corruption, incompetence, questionable ethics, and spoofing the power structure clowns in government and big business, their shenanigans and monkeyshines.


At the GOVERNMENT - CORPORATE - CIRCUS, we believe in and support First Amendment CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS granted under the USA Constitution, specifically the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, the freedom to express and speak one's mind, regardless of whether they be right or wrong in their opinion, and regardless of whether anyone else agrees with them or not !!


Although we may discuss some very serious issues, we try to keep the format light hearted and easygoing; we don't want anybody to go out and take physically violent action against another due to being motivated and stimulated to do so as a result of this circus show performance.


While we intend to dump a lot of government tea in the Boston Harbor, we also realize that even though our founding forefathers considered it necessary to rebel against the power structure of their time by blowing a few people's heads off, at the same time, in the interest of preventing the necessity of such behaviour in the future, they installed in our system checks and balances, service time terms, periodic scheduled elections, the rights of impeachment between elections, and provided for orderly and civilized procedures to address the power structure with grievances without retaliation.


The biggest enemy of democracy is NOT USING IT !!!