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got geoint? is the premier blog for the geospatial intelligence industry. It is hosted and managed by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

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Q&A featuring VITEC, one of the newest USGIF member companies.

This podcast features Shel Israel, CEO of SI Associates, as well as a consultant and speaker on issues relating to social media and business communications. Israel will give a joint keynote presentation Oct. 14 at GEOINT 2013 in Tampa,... more

Author Dave Snowden, founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, joins us to discuss his upcoming keynote at GEOINT Foreword Oct. 13 in Tampa, Fla. GEOINT Foreword is the pre-conference session dedicated to innovation that... more

Stu Shea, founder and chairman of the board of USGIF, reflects upon the evolution of the Foundation, as its flagship event, the GEOINT Symposium, approaches its tenth year.

Organizers will discuss the upcoming USGIF Technical Workshop, to be held in Denver July 18-19.

Bonnie Bogle and Alex Barth discuss the upcoming State of the Map US conference, to be hosted by OpenStreetMap in San Fancisco June 8-9.

From June 3-6th, Hexagon is hosting its annual Hexagon Live 2013 in Las Vegas. Nearly 4,000 Hexagon customers and partners will be attending. For Intergraph, many of these customers will be interested in learning more about... more

This podcat will feture two USGIF staff members: Dr. Darryl Murdock, vice president of professional development, and Dr. Max Baber, director of academic programs. Darryl and Max will discuss USGIF's upcoming GEOINT Community... more

Join us for the got geoint? podcast series as we talk with Austin Bradley, former U.S. Army and NGA civlian, who is now pursuing his Ph.D. in physics and has applied to colonize Mars as part of the MarsOne program.