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I can only begin by saying I am a man with many thoughts. I am clear in the fact that I desire to share my thoughts with others. I am deep, funny, charismatic and always real. I will tell you some real stuff about life, through my eyes, thoughts and my understanding! It may not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth! Feel free to roam my thoughts because they are here to inspire you, I am willing and able to talk about any and everything. Now what do you want to know?

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The stigma behind homosexual Public display of affection (PDA) is relentless. For any straight couple, walking down the high street holding hands would not be of any issue, but you are looking at a completely different set of rules if you are gay holding your partners hand. Its ludicrous, we live in a age when it is seen as ignorant not accept homosexuality. Despite the views of others homosexuality is up close and in your face. Double Standards in the world of homosexuality, when the public sees 2 women showing open displays of affection such as kissing it is some what ok, bit if 2 men lock lips some may want to cause harm because it is 2 men. Let's talk about it.
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