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I am an author and motivational speaker. My new book 80 pound chimp or 800 pound Gorilla which one RU ?? Speaks to the Business owner,Entrepreneur and the people who love them !!. It deals with the motivated spirit and the why of that spirit....on the show we are here to help entrepreneurs navigate the jungle of business ownership...visit us at : www.gorillaspeaks.com

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Gorillas you were never promised a day without pain, laughter without sorrow or sun without rain. But If you get up and attack the Day and realize that the Snooze Button is not your friend you will go far. Remember to Count your blessings, not... more

It Could happen you know. China is our primary Banker and they are becoming more concerned by the day about our ability to make good on the massive debt service we owe them....we will explore this relationship in the Jungle !!

my Gorillas we have spent a lot of time recently discussing the state of American Business ...AIG MERRILL ETC...They are all crazy ..but to hell with them let's get paid..We need to to make money!! We are going in search of a check in the... more

ALL WE NEED IS A BRAIN A HEART AND SOME COURAGE !! We will explain in the Jungle in GREATER detail than ever before how AIG GM CITI BOFA WELLS MERRILL LEHMAN and so on and son came to be WE have BEEN ON... more

Do not Blame the average American,Not The HBCU's not the community colleges or the state supported schools..This AIG,WALL STREET GM MESS ETC.. is the RESULT of Extreme Stupidity or straight Criminal Behavior.Either way THE IVY... more

Billionaires have let you down, The Bankers are letting you down, SWISS BANKERS ARE ABOUT TO REALLY UPSET THE APPLE CART !!! DON'T YOU SORT OF FEEL LIKE NEO IN THE MATRIX MOVIE ... BUT MY GORILLA... more

Do you Know what to Do now that the stimulus has passed ??? Can Entrepreneurs leverage this ?? You BETTER DAMN WELL TRY !! LET'S GET TO IT IN THE JUNGLE !! NO WHINING ALLOWED

Stimulus package ,Recovery plan who in the hell understands any of it !! But Guess What my Gorillas and Gorilletes You better.. It might just save your business life. we will break it down for you in the jungle and tell you how to take... more

transitioning from an employee to employer can be challenging but in this economy it may very well become necessary ..lets discuss it in the jungle

Organized Slavery ..The corporate Beast known as corporations in America and those Bright ones on Wall street are gonna drive all of us into the ditch and we will not get out unless we all stand up and say ENOUGH !! Entrepreneurs we... more
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