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Good hebrew bible reading and interpretation


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We talk about the bible and go over bible scriptures.The Bible is one of the most intriguing subjects of all time.Men for thousands of years have tried to decipher the Bible in order to understand its contents.Men have failed to look at the creator for his holy spirit to help them understand scriptural meaning to the Bible.All they ever had to do is pray for holy spirit and they would have received understanding of the scriptures.With holy spirit they would be able to decipher God commandments on becoming righteous and Good.A cure to all there worldly problems.If you pray and be patient,seek understanding like a hidden treasure.Good will enrich your life with all the understanding of the scriptures.With this blog on blogtalkradio that is what I was trying to help you to understand is the scriptures.I will read from the Bible and then give the interpretation or meaning to all scriptures I read.

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Never divert from God's teachings or put them down.Keep from straying and yeilding demonic teachings.Do not build demonic teachings.Don't let your heart become enfested with evil illusional fear that converts you from believer to... more

Keep from angering anyone in your life that can be a hostile threat to you ministries.Do not fall in love with any demonic things of this world the can cause believers to become unbelievers.Gaurd against becoming an unbelievr and... more

Keep away from disbelievers and evil beings. Beware of there actions.Trust,think,believe, and have cautious faith.Go the opposite direction from disbelievers and there unbelieving works.Stay on board Good or Alpha ship not... more

Keeping away from occults that turn you away from Alpha or Omega.Stay not with your lustful,sinful,or worldy evil feelings that stray you from God pure nature.Do not slip up and lose track of Alpha word and start defiling yourself.Do not... more

Always believe in the destruction of a curse and not the friendship with a curse.Do not cusre some foe that has freed you from danger.When freed from a curse we should be thankfull of the hand that freed us and not curse them from there... more

We should not stray to the left or right out side of Gods rules,regulations,and commandments.Do not deal with those who want a relationship or marriage to satisfy there ungodly sinfull lust for sex.Stay far away from beings like this... more

Empower the good action fire of Alpha and Omega.Do not live a life in fear of Alpha but the lve of Good and his messegae or word.Do Not be not fear the soul ayssalment to sin.Do not be stupid to try an overpower Alpha's laws by making... more

Prayer not the same thing over and over to be shown mercy but pray with your pure heart upon doing good actions or righteous actions and your prayers will be answered.Keep on building your heavenly rewards with the Alpha and... more

Friends of the Alpha have a great heavenlly biss an gardens beneath which rivers flow in the after life.A true reward a protection from the good action lives of those living in a heavenly bliss.Sustenance provided for eternity.Never ever having to... more

Be in a spiritual state of acceptance of whatever our creator does to make us correct or righteous,Let him make us a ripe fruit.Instead of a man or woman full of ignorance and pride.Prideful hatred full of curse of defilement agaisnt the... more