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Good Will Wrestling

Good Will Wrestling


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We finish the discussion.

Our friend Lars Frederiksen is back to pay homage to Jake the Snake Roberts. We'll discuss his days in the territories, his entire WWF run, the snakes and their names, memorable matches, angles and much more.

Rob Naylor and Will discuss the career of Sean Waltman aka Lightning Kid, 123 Kid, Syxx, X-Pac.

Will and Naylor take on one of our favorite tag teams in this episode. We discuss when we first saw them, their single runs, time in WCW, New Japan and WWF, Big Poppa Pump and much more.

After some technical difficulties cut the 1st show short, Rob and Will finish discussing the career of one of the best... Terry Gordy! Make sure you listen to Part 1 before listening to Part 2.

Rob and Will reminisce about one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. We discuss his time in Georgia, Texas, Mid South, Japan and WCW. We talk about our favorite Gordy matches, angles and interviews.

Naylor, Will and Alan4L talk to Missy Hyatt about her time in Texas and Mid South. We discuss the Von Erichs, The Freebirds, John Tatum, and Kabuki! Then, after Missy attends to her dogs, the guys continue discussing random topics... more

Rob Naylor and Will revisit some of their favorite ECW moments with the man who probably has seen more ECW matches than anyone else alive. Gabe Sapolsky gives his insight into what made ECW special as we look at the highs... more

Shiima Xion joins Will and Rob Naylor as they discuss their favorite moments of guys flying around the ring. Over the top, off the top turnbuckle, through the ropes and flipping off of cages... this is a tribute to wrestlers who defy gravity.