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Joanne Greene

Good Dog!


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Good Dog offers expert advice on dog behavior, training, breed choices, care, feeding, and more about our 4-legged friends hosted by Joanne Greene.

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The founder of T-Touch explains how the system of gentle movements works. T-touch is a system of gentle, circular movements which, when practiced on animals including dogs, can release tension, activate cells, promote healing and... more

There's plenty to know about why and how to keep your dog cool in the heat. Dr. Eric Barchus who writes the Vet Blog for Dogster.com has been warning dog owners of the importance of keeping dogs cool in the summer heat. We all know... more

Massachusetts outlaws businesses that rent pets. Public complaint about "flexible pet ownership" led to hearings and, now, legislation in Massachusetts banning businesses that rent pets. In this episode of the "Good Dog" podcast,... more

The dog trainer's trainer explains the top 10 tips for ensuring the best possible dog-human bond. In this episode of the "Good Dog" podcast, Jean Donaldson, director of the Academy of Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA runs... more

Dog training has evolved considerably and there's a lot to know about selecting a trainer. Jean Donaldson is the director of the Academy of Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA and she has a lot to say about the field. Learn what to look for... more

The latest in pet grooming can be found in your very own driveway. For some of us, getting our dog to and from the groomer can be challenging in the midst of a busy workday. For our dogs, it can mean long hours cooped up in a... more

Increasingly, dogs are being introduced in prisons to help inmates care for and train another living being. Larry Carson of "Pen Pals of San Quentin" explains how inmates who work in the fire department there socialize and train rescue dogs to... more

It has been said that the only fault of dogs is that their lives are too short. That's why many of us have wondered if it would ever be possible to create an exact duplicate of our beloved dog. In fact, the technology now exists to clone dogs... more

In a 35 MPH accident, a 60-pound dog can turn into some 2700 lbs of deadly force, injuring or killing the vehicle's occupants, the dog, or both. And that's not the only reason to invest in and use a pet restraint system while driving... more

In every community, there are low income people who share what little food they have with their dogs. For physically and mentally ill people, the support of a pet can mean a world of difference. In San Francisco, and in an increasing... more