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Our GoodBooks Online radio show puts authors and listeners together to talk about books and the ePublishing industry. Best of all, listeners can call in.

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Retired physician Addison Wolfe is amazed to read the name Jimmy Byrnes in the newspaper. He is more flabbergasted to read that an attempted murder occurred in his friend's name. Both men served on an aircraft carrier off the coast... more

A colony of extraterrestrial migrants arrives on Earth hoping to integrate into society. However, upon discovering that the new arrivals are acctually alien-human hybrids, the people of Planet Earth start to have second thoughts... more

When his sister dies in a school shooting in their hometown of Bridgevine, NJ, fourteen-year-old Mike Price vows to find a way to go back in time and save her. Thirteen years later, an obsessed Mike creates a time travel machine and plans... more

No sooner has college professor Elliott Leader cast his vote in the 2016 Presidential election, when he learns that a terrorist A-bomb has exploded in New York City. The good professor, his neighbor (a retired U.S. Army Ranger), an... more

The Internet has changed so much in the past 5 years that it has become extremely difficult for most people to generate online results. Where once all you needed was a search engine and a website, today things like social nets, blogs... more

Raven Delehanty not only writes about shape-shifting wolves, she also raises wolves. Today you will get a wolf's eye view of a Wolf for Samantha. I will also have virtual assistant Debbie Cosby on for the Writer's Stuff, where she will... more

For every natural disaster involving claims with an insurance company, there are thousands of man-made disasters that devastate businesses and homeowners. Maybe this is your first or second claim. It's the insurance company's million and... more

Every day, we see television shows that promote diets and exercise regimens that promise to help you shed vast amounts of weight in a short period of time. What the paid talent on talk shows and infomercials don't tell you is that there is an... more