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The Good, The Bad & The Geeky is a Film/Television/All Things Pop-Culture podcast hosted by multi-faceted geek Nick Nitro and his musically inclined friend Jon. The podcast features the latest TV/Film news, sketches, parodies, new music from upcoming artists, fresh internet meme’s and anything else geeky, gauranteeing any listener, from a closeted geek to hardcore geek a good time. The Good, The Bad & The Geeky is hosted by Nick Nitro and Jon Bettin. Living his entire life somewhere in Ohio, the heart of it all, Nitro has an extreme love for a good story, whether it be from movies, television shows, video games, comic books or music and it shows clearly in each podcast he produces. From obscure shows and movies like Freakzoid and the Evil Dead, to hit shows and films like Iron Man and Big Bang Theory, Nick & Jon utilizes all the tools available to him to keep himself, and the listeners up to date on what to expect in the entertainment biz. Jon’s everyman approach to combat Nitro’s extreme geekiness is every apparent the moment the show begins, Jon’s geeky side does come to surface though as his insight on music and cool videos and meme’s on the net is second to none. Since the first time he saw Steven Speilberg’s Jaws when he was about 7 or 8, Nitro loved the idea of a story in front of the camera, and behind the camera, furthered driven by his love of Eastman and Laird’s creations, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the 1956 classic Godzilla: King of the Monsters. That love of media has continued with him, continuing from broadcasting school to now where he does his own webcomics and podcasts. Co-hosting The Good, The Bad & The Geeky is Jon Bettin. Jon is an avid musician, lover of golf, internet videos and doting husband. Jon loves performing songs, and being apart of the podcast gives him a chance to perform acoustic covers and parodies on the show and also on the youtube feed called “The Bathroom Sessions”. The Good, The Bad &

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Nitro welcomes back Jerome 'Jimmy' Wetzel as we talk TV, concerts and more! More information as it develops!

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky podcast is giving blogtalkradio.com the good ol' college try! Help us test drive the bumps in the road, talk geek-life including: including: The Lone Ranger Monsters University Pacific Rim The Last Summer... more