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Underground filmmaker Andrew Shearer and his friends have an internerd radio show where they can say whatever they want. Technology rules. Silly? Yes. Random? Without question. Lacking artistic merit? Debatable. Worth Listening to? Absolutely.

On-Demand Episodes

Andrew, Heather and Rachael weigh in on the pros and cons of computer-generated FX in horror films (how hard is it to squirt blood out of a tube?). If we wore gloves, they'd come off for this episode. *NOTE: Gonzoriffic... more

Andrew and Rachael are joined by Heather Murphy to discuss the original "Night of the Demons" and the recent remake. Jamaican demons, Jamaican demons, suckin' on a soul, suckin' on a soul...

Amanda, Rachael and Andrew return to discuss one of our favorite subjects: WEREWOLVES. This show is not open to callers, sorry homepieces.

There are some who might say that Amanda, Rachael & Andrew should have their mouths washed out with soap. Others, like the nearly 400 who download our show about vomit, would beg to differ.

Amanda says let's do a show. So let's do it.

Andrew and Rachael continue their horror franchise nerd-ery, this time focusing on "A Nightmare On Elm Street" series.

Rachael. Andrew. Hellraiser nerds.

Andrew is joined by fellow DIY artist Rachael Deacon for a discussion about the effect the internet has on art and the artist. You know, sh*t like that.

Returning from our first show since the summer, Amanda and Andrew look towards the upcoming remake of "Friday The 13th" by discussing the finer points of the slasher genre. And don't steal our kickASS movie ideas, Hollywood.