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Gold Ray Twin Flames

Gold Ray Twin Flames


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Featuring the Gold Ray Twin Flames Mel and Nicole and guest appearance Dr.JOHN for your soul's journey on the SACRED PATH TO PARTNER SHIP SERIES. Mel and Nicole have been assisting twin flames, soul mates and those whom are experiencing kundalini awakening for the past 25 years. Their refreshing new information on twin flames continues the work of Claire prophet providing a more indepth analysis on the partnership of not only twin flame union but the shift in consciousness to relationship in the 21st century. Join in on this provocative and multidimensional conversation.

On-Demand Episodes

Offering divine spiritual guidance, twin flames Mel and Nicole will be speaking about the new template for divine partnership. Allowing the old concepts of relationship to die while new ones begin to give birth to a whole new... more

Twin Flames Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs are going to have another spiritual one on one dialogue with one another. An attempt to answer questions that soul mates, and twin flame have about their relationships, love, health and healing.

As we look around our society today. We see many people in positions of power and authority attempting to control, manipulate and use people. We become very discouraged and upset with these people. But we must begin to understand that... more

Twin Flames Mel and Nicole will explain the blueprint of your energy field. It will attempt to answer the question ?why do I attract the people that I do in my life??

The dynamic duo twin flame detectives Mel and Nicole wil be asking each other questions about twin flame challenges, issues and rewards FROM A MALE AND FEMALE PERSPECTIVE. Girls to the Right and Boys to the left. Dr.JOHN will... more

Twin Flames Mel and Nicole will speak about age and how the maturity level of all 5 energy bodies affects our sexual connections. We will also discuss the patterns of childhood imprints and ancestral healing.

Celebrating our 5 years on Blog Talk Radio, we decided to share our experiences on OUR health in order to assist an individual going through the evolutionary process. What can we expect from an etheric, mental, emotional, physical and... more

Discussing the myriad of options and concepts that allow us to possibly balance our masculine and feminine energy within. To find happiness, love or greater knowledge do we require the activations from master teachers. Join twin flames... more

How do the templates of our family and ancestors affect us?The knowledge of the past can make a difference in understanding ourselves more in the quest for self healing. Join twin flames Mel and Nicole for this edition of the... more

How does faith play a role in our sacred path to partnership? Do we need it to survive the challenges of daily living? And has your faith gone out the door with the rapture that never occured within the new age community? Join twin... more