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GoldIsMoney Radio is an extension of our forum GoldIsMoney. Our goal is to continue to educate people looking for advice on investing in gold and silver, seeking answers to the underlining meanings and motivations of the news events that are unfolding around us. Using the 'Constitution of the United States of America' as our guiding doctrine, our discussions are informative, and educational to those seeking freedom, self reliance, and self determination.

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Tonight we are proud to welcome back a very special guest for our Easter Show... "MICHAEL" After you have had you fill of ham and celebration, tune us in. What better day to talk about the metaphysical than Easter Night? It... more
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Andy has done some research inti the MF Global and the term "re-hypothecate". It isn;t pretty... in fact that word removes the floor to most investment account. You thought your trading account was secure, insured? Think again. Please... more

Join Andy and I as we prepare for the Christmas rush, and wrap up news and events of the week.

Today's guest is our friend Bruce from Alaska. He has authored a white paper titled about communicating when the internet is unavailable. Please join us in this important and timely topic.


Join Andy and I this week as we wrap-up the week in news, and goildismoney postings. We are still in the prep mode as the sun slowly sets on this 'ol World as we know it'. There have been some inteesting threads started this last week. It... more

Gold is Money weekly wrap-up. Give us a call. What is on your mind?

Andy and I are at it again, wrapping up the week of news. Give us a call. What is on your mind?

Join Andy and I on this weeks show as we talk about current world events,gold, silver, and anything else that comes to mind. I would like to get listeners thoughts on the OWS, and other occupie events.

Weekly wrap with TnAndy and I. You never now where the conversion is going. Give us a call. What is on your mind, BOA bailout, Ron Paul, Gold and siver performance, or getting the odor out of a skunked dog? Let us know....

Give us a call and let us talk about what is on your mind. You never know where our converstions goes.
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