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GoldIsMoney Radio is an extension of our forum GoldIsMoney. Our goal is to continue to educate people looking for advice on investing in gold and silver, seeking answers to the underlining meanings and motivations of the news events that are unfolding around us. Using the 'Constitution of the United States of America' as our guiding doctrine, our discussions are informative, and educational to those seeking freedom, self reliance, and self determination.

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Join Bob, Scorpio ( if he can find his way to the phone),and I as we welcome Carl to the show. We will be discussing American History and our Constitution. How many amendments have truly been 'legally' adopted? You may be... more
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We started to get into the issue of 'truth' on the last show. We did not get through enough to really air this topic out. We decided to do a follow-up show as soon as we could while the 'truth' juices were still flowing. This is still my... more

Digest your Thanksgiving dinner with Scorpio, BarnacleBob, and myself as we discuss current and future events. There are a few things on my mind that I would like to air out and get some outside thought on. One is 'truth'. What is it? Is... more

Doug Wakefield, President of the Registered Investment Advisory firm, Best Minds, Inc., has been in the financial industry for 27 years. He received his CFP in 1988, his Masters in Estate Planning in 1997, As of 10/31/07 he dropped... more

We want to welcome back Dean to the show. Mr. Garner has written many printed and electronic books, and has edited and ghost written New York Times 'best sellers'. I want to talk to him tonight about how to get started in publishing,... more

Where do we go from here? What is the landscape of the next few months and how do we maneuver within an environment of vanishing freedoms. The game is rigged and loopholes are closing. Be it the financial system, or the legal system,... more

Join BarnacleBob, Scorpio, and myself as we talk about the latest Fed announcement to continue Quantitative Easing. Some interesting possibilities of 'why'. Was all the talk about cutting back just an empty promise, knowing full... more

Michael Fischoff is a close friend and a camera man for Fox news. What goes on behind the scene at a network news station. How does a hard core Libertarian deal with an environment such as the Mass Media? Join Barnacle Bob... more

We want to welcome Mr. Griffin back to the show. It has been over a year now since he was last on. I can't think of a place where this Gentleman has a bigger fanclub than right here at GIM. His book ? The Creature from Jekyll Island? is... more

It is always a pleasure to welcome Michael to the show. As CEO of Ampex, one of the worlds largest sources for Precious Metals, he has some very unique perspectives into this market. We wanted to get him onto the show to get his... more

This week we have a guest that I have wanted to talk to for quite some time now.... Ann Barnhardt. Every since she shut down her ?Barnhardt Capital Management ? firm in the wake of the MF global fiasco, she has been an... more
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