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Podcasting from Washington, DC – the nation’s capital where people talk for a living, Chicago - the Windy City, and Minneapolis – the heartland where folks work for a living -- Going MAD is a weekly podcast featuring entertaining social, cultural, and political commentary from the left, right and center. Co-hosts Matt, Alex and Darius forged an unlikely friendship in the desert kingdom of Jordan.

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Matt, Alex, and Darius delve in to the historic Supreme Court rulings and ask the question: Is the United States ripe ground for a revolution. Alex's wonky sources say "Yes!"

Who are we? Come find out! In this episode a series of creative questions shows Matt, Alex and Darius' inner most selves.


Today's episode talks on the ramifications of GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor's loss to tea party novice David Brat. Plus, Matt, Alex and Darius spar over who tends to be more generous neighbors: Republicans or Democrats?

Has the Obama administration sealed its historic fate with its seemingly high number of scandals? Should Veteran care be privatized? What does a College Athlete really deserve in terms of payments and benefits? Should Justin Bieber... more

Down Darius, Matt and Alex discuss the state of the Republican party and its chances for presidential success in 2016 and beyond. Matt gives his "4 points" on how the Republican party can guarantee a win in '16--and they don't include... more

Today we are discussing the differences between science and religion. Are they mutually exclusive? A new theory called biocentrism challenges conventional thinking. Tune in to find out what Darius, Matt and Alex think.

In this episode, we will discuss the recent events surroundng the scandal with LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling along with the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins logo and what these recent events say about race and... more

Join Matt, Alex and Darius for an animated discusion on Clive Bundy, a cattle-rancher, turned law-breaker, turned tea party hero.

The internet is important, but what's the right amount of oversight--assuming there should be oversight at all? In this episode, Darius breaks down the intricacies of internet privacy, government surveillance and the 'rights' of the consumer.... more