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Podcasting from Washington, DC – the nation’s capital where people talk for a living, Chicago - the Windy City, and Minneapolis – the heartland where folks work for a living -- Going MAD is a weekly podcast featuring entertaining social, cultural, and political commentary from the left, right and center. Co-hosts Matt, Alex and Darius forged an unlikely friendship in the desert kingdom of Jordan.

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Substitute Ted Cruz for the bird and net neutratility for the gravy, and you got a GoingMAD Thanksigiving. Alex, Matt and Darius talk net neutrality, Ferguson, and even break bread by telling listeners what they're thankful for.

GoingMAD provides analysis of the midterm elections and catches up on current events of the week.

On tonight's episode, Matt, Alex and Darius talk about the merits of Christopher Columbus Day and rank today's biggest threats in sequential order (from Ebola to Justin Bieber). Later, Going MAD previews "A Day in the Life of Alex,"... more

From hippies hugging trees to global warming deniers grasping at straws, tonight's show will mainly be dealing with issues surrounding the environment. We will discuss the validity of several environmental concerns and answer questions... more

Tonight we give you our take on the day's headlines and find out how familiar Matt and Darius are with Webster's Dictionary.