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Benyamin Solomon is a former Conservative BTR radio host. However, while agreeing with political Conservativism as a political philosophy, he rejects the wingnut approach to talking about politics. Instead, he has decided to offer analysis from a Torah perspective.

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Let me just say that these stupid segments on AJ Labs drove me crazy. I can't watch all of them because their anti-Israel stupidity will give me a heart attack. But I will analyze what it is with getting stupid women in pretty dresses hosting anti-Israel segments. Is it meant to get brainwash young men more into hating Israel? Why is it that all their segments seem to be hosted by the same type of demographic: supposedly pretty girls in pretty dresses who don't seem to be very bright? I will discuss the type of stupidity on those broadcasts, wether it's promoting BDS, or saying that Israel "changed" it's story because, according to that shit for brain host, Israel cited the Yeshiva students, rocket fire, and closing the tunnels. Never mind that the kidnapping and the killing of the Yeshiva students and the rocket fire is what caused Israel to again defend itself. And never mind that the tunnels are used by Hamas and other terrorist groups to smuggle in rockets that are fired at Israel. It goes to show how dumn those girls hosting these AJ Labs programs tend to be. All I can say is that they should feel lucky they're not in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Hamas-controlled Gaza where they will be treated as worse than cattle, forced to wear the Hjiab [or burqa] or could be taken out and stoned. In fact, Israel is the only place in the region where those dummies would have any freedom and would not be treated as worse than cattle. But why is it that these AJ Labs broadcasts promote the same hateful message against Israel? And they're hosted by the same type of demographic: dumb girls? And another provocative question should be: Why no demand for Affirmative Action for these AJ Labs dummies like there would be if all its broadcasts were done by white Conservative males?
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In this show, I will give you an analysis of what's going on in the world. Segment 1: Continuation of my discussion of 585: Last night, in my show about these anti-Israel thugs storming the supermarkets in the UK, I got an interesting caller... more

Two weeks ago, I found an article on Russia Today about a supermarket in London getting rid of its Kosher supply in order to appease the violent anti-Israel protestors. Turns out that this is a widespread phenomom in the UK. There is an... more

Tonight, I'll give you some more of my own analysis on the recent news of the outrageous story of a major Supermarket in Britain getting rid of its Kosher food to appease the anti-Semitic protestors right outside who were demonstrationing... more

I, your favorite host, will talk more about the irrational hatred of Israel and what is the cause of it. I'll talk about more rocket attacks and the fact that a supermarket in London got rid of its Kosher food supply in order to appease... more

Recently, I've been discussing Amalek's attack on Mitzvah observance. The central theme I focused on is Amalek's attack on Shabbat observance [and Shmitta observance] with arguments that the demands of secular society is for... more

Segment 1: The secular Mitzrayim: What is the secular Mitzrayim? Mitzrayim is the Hebrew word for Egypt. In the Torah, Hashem commands Bnai Yisrael to not return to Egypt, the land where they were enslaved for 400 years. But why Egypt... more

On today's broadcast, I discuss what Amalek and Egypt each represent. Egypt represents the place where the Jews were enslaved. The Torah commands Bnai Yisrael not to return to Egypt. I discuss the implications of this mitzvah, as well... more

There is a famous argument from second Amendment supporterers, which say, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Since it's true that people have to pull the tirgger for the gun to kill, I will build up on that point in order to discuss... more

The Torah describes during the time, when Bnai Yisrael were in the Sinai desert, when Amalek attacked Israel. It was during the time when all the surrounding peoples feared to mess with Israel because they knew, as a result of G-d's... more
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