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Does GOD take You Thru Trials to Make You Stronger?

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Believers in Christ

Believers in Christ


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Have you heard of the statements:

God doesn’t take you thru more than you can bear?

God takes you thru hard times to strengthen and grow you…

Are these statements True?

If so, then you are saying that GOD is the problem. Right? GOD is letting you (or guiding you) in the wrongful direction….to be victorious?

GOD wants to guide you, not tread you thru hard times. There’s enough bad stuff in the World (Satan is the Prince of this World) alone without the intervention of GOD. Don’t you think GOD can always steer you right and have your burdens light?

If you have gone thru a bad situation in Life and be able to become a witness to someone then that’s wonderful… But do you have to go thru it to witness?

The Truth is:

  • GOD wants to guide you – not control you. You have free will to chose from Right (Blessings) and Wrong (Tough times)
  • Jesus tells you the World is evil and you may have to go thru Trials BUT steadfast…
  • The Israelites was fussing that GOD was taking them thru the Wilderness to kill them! GOD said, “What?? I brought you out of Egypt!” (Paraphrasing of course)

One has to understand that GOD Opens DOORS for you to escape and take the blessed route on your Journey…  

If you would like to call-in and discuss... Please don’t hesitate…

Well, listen to Charles and hear How GOD delivers you from the World, NOT Take you Thru It to make you Stronger….

Peace, Love and Everlasting Joy


“Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

– Words of the Jewish Talmud