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Saint Rick



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The mystery hidden from ages and from generations now being revealed to the Saints. Are you a Saint? The Saints are rising! Learn how to become a Saint. Learn how to overcome the world chaos and destruction with the greatest news the universe has ever known.

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Who was Satan before he was cast out of Heaven? What events occurred that caused him to be cast out of heaven? What is it that Satan did himself to cause him to be cast out? Where is he cast out to? Who is the prince of the air?... more

The mystery of eternal life lies within belief. Everyone believes in something. Even if you choose not to believe you believe not to believe. Life is choices. god made a choice to love us regardless of how ugly we are as humans, regardless... more

Are you willing to open your heart to uncover a mystery that has been hidden for ages and from generations? Are you willing to explore a peace that goes beyond all understanding? Are you afraid to look we're others have not... more

If you are told that your works are going to get you to heaven, that simply does not align with the Word of God. We at God News Network are dedicated to bring to you the truth that has been hidden from ages and generations but now is... more

Are you tired of the fake news out there that has nothing to do with peace and joy for the soul? Then let God News Network open your heart to the best news that has ever been. the news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will comfort you in... more

There are different types of sources for knowledge. Where is your source? Has your source ever lied to you? Can your source lead you to the truth 100% of the time? Will your source show you the way to eternal life? Many in the World... more

God News Network is really challenging all who teach falsely about unconfessed sin. If you teach Gods elect that they need to avoid unconfessed sin to continue in salvation, then woe unto you. As we prove in scripture this is simply a lie from... more

Will you be deceived by the great deceiver? Who is he and when will he appear? How does he deceive? Who will he deceive? God News Network today will share the mysteries to come about this subject and more as we approach the time... more

The mystery that surrounds the fruit of The Spirit is going to be a challenge for those who are from the camp you have to do good to be holy. Some spend their entire life working for their holiness. Others believe that they will never be holy... more

Would you be so bold as to argue with the word of God? Would you be so bold as to disagree with what is written in scripture? If you do not come to the conclusion that you are as pure as Christ then you are coming against scripture. If you... more