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Are We Under “The Law” or “Grace”?

  • Broadcast in Christianity
The Spirit of Truth Revealed

The Spirit of Truth Revealed


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Have you heard this before...?

We are not under the Law. We are under Grace?

10 Commandments are for the Jews only. It was Jewish Law not for the Gentiles?

We have a better and New Covenant?

First, lets consult with the Word of GOD.

GODS said I’m going to write the Law in their hearts (in those days…which is now). Jesus said I come not to abolish but fulfill. Isaiah said the Messiah will magnify the LAW.

Closer Look....

But what’s Law? One has to understand Moses received the Written (Commandments) and Oral Law (highlighted in Torah) that make up the Law. There are statues, ordinances, judgments and commandments. Jesus said he came NOT to change the Law one iota. Jesus full filled the sacrificial laws (sacrificing goats, dietary laws for eating, etc.) and Expanded upon the 10 commandments.

For those who preach the LAW is not for today is going against the Word of GOD. They may sincerely not realize the error but are responsible and will be severely judged of GOD. SATAN even mentions he hated those who KEPT the Commandments!

The Divine Truth is:

  1. To fully understand the LAW (Torah) one has to understand the first 5 books of the Old Testament.
  2. The Law is for everyone not just the Jews.
  3. Jesus took the Law (Commandments) and expanded it meaning
  4. We are going to be Taught the Law when Jesus Returns
  5. You better know the 10 Commandments and Live by Them

If you would like to call-in… Please don’t hesitate…

Well, listen to Charles and hear Commandments versus Grace.

Peace, Love and Everlasting Joy


Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”