The Spirit of Truth Revealed

The Spirit of Truth Revealed


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This show teaches GOD’s Living Word in a simplistic manner in which all can understand and grow in the knowledge, wisdom and revelation of GOD.

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Prophets are still operating in the Body of Christ.. You will be surprised to know that GOD has much to say about NOW. My ultimate gift is Prophecy. The Gift of Prophecy (I Corinth 12:8-10) In Joel 2:28 God promises that "And it shall come... more

What Really Matters In Life? Peace, Love and Everlasting Joy Charles

GOD Works In Seasons AND Patterns … We Are Already In the Season… But Can You Discern The Pattern? God has always worked in seasons and patterns (Ecclesiastes 3:1) To every thing there is a season, and a... more

IS God getting your attention, yet? The World is at distress in every direction. North, South, East and West. I don't have to tell you to ?See? these things…. You ?See? these things already…. So, what's next? World... more

Today I would like to share a Vision I had on this Wednesday, June 25th…. The Vision was of two prominent Churches on today's TV…. The revealing of these Visions are for Instruction and proof of God's Word… .... Not to tkae... more

What is meant by the ?The Kingdom of God?……??? The Kingdom of God can be explained by many Theologians and other educationally correct persons but it is more simple than that…. The Bible provides many... more

GOD Works In seasons… The Season of this World Is Changing… God has always worked in seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:1) To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven… The sun and... more

Love Makes The World Go Around…… No matter what the situation is….. The answer is Love… We all have problems and challenges in Today's World…. But WHAT is the TRUE GLUE? What holds everything... more

Have You Heard of the Sayings? Do unto others and they do unto you…. God will get back people that has done you bad.... (God hates ugly) Jesus will return as a thief in the night…. Many others… Well, Listen to Charles... more

GOD is teaching Mankind. Can you see it? We go from a baby (Adam and Eve) to Adulthood (Now). After learning all that transpired in this World, there is NO excuse to see How GOD is teaching you to understand his ways. Each period of... more