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The truth of Zion's Redemption.

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 I feel my own spiritual light grow brighter. I feel the spirit so strongly now. The door is slightly ajar. I feel like walking in. I feel worthy to do so. I take my shoes off and go in. there is a foyer. There is simple but beautiful furniture. The walls seem to glow. In fact I don't see any lights. Hanging from the ceiling are crystal chandeliers. I notice there are stones within the chandlers. They remind me of the stones of the Jaridites. They are bright. I walk down the hallway. I see tables made of white marble. I see vases on the table. The vases are filled with white roses. They seem to glow. It was like I could see there spirits there are no windows. But there is a door down the hallway. As I come closer I can see that it is not a door. It is a curtain. the curtain is thick cloth. maybe velvet. the curtains hang from an iron rod and the rings look like pure gold. I put my hands through the curtains and spread the curtains apart. I look into the room. the walls seem to give off there own light. I am amazed at what I am seeing. Slowly I walk through the curtains. As I pass from the hallway into the room it is like walking from cold air into warm water so diffrent was the feeling. the power is almost overwhelming. It is the power of complete love and peace. I hear a voice like unto thunder. It is powerful but it is not loud. The voice penetrates me. I look down the room. I see a light about 3 feet off the ground. The light is about 5 to 6 feet high. I walk towards the light. somehow I know that this is my father. When I notice this I fall to my knees. . https://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/mark-tyson-trent-lichtenwalter/i-am-a-personal-witness-of-the-god-the-father-jesus-christ-and-the-one-mighty-an/10152559321860344