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God and Country


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We explore the "shadow" government that is already in place from a biblical and political perspective. We focus on our Founders and their ideas.

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Lets compare an American hero with someone and something else

Hard-hitting is hardly the way to describe us...you need to tune in...'cause we're all that and more...

It's HAIR On Fire Friday!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

As we advance into the new year, it is the same old story. Tonight, you wont want to miss the foray into what the stories of the day portend for the year. From Benghazi to the Polar freeze, join us for your daily dose of common sense for a... more

It should be interesting tonight, as we have had to hussle a little more than usual, seeing as how it's not easy coming off of a multi-million dollar Hawaiin vacation...but we're giving it our best shot!!! ALOHA, CUMONIWANNABANGYA,... more

It's Friday...HAIR ON FIRE FRIDAY!!!! Every day seems like Hair-On-Fire with these Leninist-Marxist Islamofascists attempting to take over this nation from within. We are dedicated to holding their feet-to-the-fire, so to speak, although I... more

Welcome to the New Year!!!! Want to know what's going on? Who's who? The latest tunes? HA!!! You've come to the right place!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! The New Year's Day Baby is born and ABORTED at the same time!!! Wow...how does THAT happen? Tune in to find out...there is nothing going on in our government that is any less ugly or evil than abortion right now,... more

Happy New Year to all!!! Lots going on today...let's get to it...God Bless you one and all!!!

We are on the cusp of the new year...and it's just as dangerous as ever...probably more so, for this Nation. We are under attack as never before. We are being taken over from within. Read your history, folks...we are following Rome. A... more