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God is a big subject -- and many of us are tired of the dogma associated with it. We talk about the issues of the day, including separation of church and state, politics, the so-called culture wars, as well as religion and free thought. Some of our shows feature controversial guests; others focus on spirituality and our attempt to understand humankind's place in the universe.

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Documentary film producer Mike Pulcinella found himself as both movie maker and subject in a disturbing account about freedom FROM religion. In 2007, a single woman living alone discovered that live animal sacrifices were going on... more

The debate between theists and atheists has been an intense one for centuries, with neither side softening their positions. With the blossoming of Internet communications and popular atheist books, atheism's voice has gained strength... more

Where is organized religion headed? You may have heard him on Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory ... or heard him on Jeff Rense's show or a variety of other radio and television talk shows. Dr. Louis Turi is a world-famous... more

After a review of the news with Deborah and Adam (the Man of Earth), we'll kick off the show with Joe Zamecki, Texas State Director of American Atheists, who will give us an update on how the Atheists Helping the Homeless program is... more

Skepticism is pretty popular on today's social media, such as YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and the like. But skeptics like Fredric Rice have been actively networking long before those medias were around on the Internet. Fredric's... more

Dreams can be very insightful, helping us to solve problems or even foresee the future. Our guest, Lisa, owns and operates GodlyDreams.com, as service that will interpret dreams from a Christian perspective and also teaches people: * The... more

If you are not familiar with Dominionism, be prepared for a shocking show! Our guest is Leah Burton, a prolific blogger, former lobbyist and popular radio guest. Her blog, God's Own Party? explores the role of Dominionism and religion in... more

01/21/2010 - NOTE: MAJOR STORM ACTIVITY AND POWER OUTAGES FROM BROADCAST AREA MAY CREATE A DELAY OR INTERRUPTION OF THE SHOW. If we need to reschedule, it will be announced on the... more

This show is not about predicting the future ... but it is about empowering your future by making good choices. If you are at a personal crossroads, our guest can help you make spiritually-based decisions. Join us in an interesting discussion... more

Atheists are the most discriminated group in America, often accused of having no morals. We'll learn about the Atheists Helping the Homeless program with Joe Zamecki, Texas State Director of the American Atheists. Pictured: Joe Zamecki... more
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