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Christianity, Atheism and the U.S. Religious Landscape

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Paul J. Serwinek, Ph.D. –  According to Dr. Serwinek, atheism is a religion.  As a director of the Christian Sociological Society, Serwinek will examine the religious landscape in the US.  Paul is prepared to discuss why Christians do not seem to be able to communicate with atheists, the arguments atheists use to disarm Christians, and a possible logical position that might make sense to both.  He earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from Wayne State University and his MBA from the University of Detroit.

Chris Rodda -- Rodda’s  book,  Liars for Jesus (2006) examines the claims about history made by people  who have either taken quotes out of context or lied to portray the US as a Christian nation.  Chris is writing a book that debunks TX evangelist David Barton’s Jefferson Lies. The book was dropped by Thomas Nelson Publishing and Rick Green, who co-hosts the WallBuilders radio show with Barton, issued a challenge for anyone to give an example of “a specific inaccuracy or false claim by Barton.”  Rodda accepted the challenge – and was censored and ridiculed by Green. 

Justin Griffith and Christopher Herr - Griffith is Military Director of American Atheists and helped create the “Rock Beyond Belief” event at Ft. Bragg, where he is stationed.  Joining him is Christopher Herr.  While the two men do not speak on behalf of the Dept. of Defense or their respective units, they offer us a glimpse of the Christian privilege in the armed forces.  Griffith and Herr are working on a second Rock Beyond Belief concert, this time at Camp Pendleton, where an area doomsday sect has had access.