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Deism - The faith of the founding fathers

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God Discussion

God Discussion


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DEISM - THE FAITH OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS.  These days, we hear a lot about the United States being a “Christian Nation.”  The rationale touted by many holding this belief is that the phrase, “Nature’s God” and  the word “Creator” appears in the Declaration of Independence and implies that the Founding Fathers intended America to abide by Christian principles set forth in the Bible.


If not outright Deists, many of our Founding Fathers were strongly influenced by Deism., not Christian nationalism.


So what exactly is Deism?   The World Union of Deists has condensed Deism into a catchy one-liner:  “God gave us reason, not religion.”


Joining us for the God Discussion Show is Jayson X of The World Union of Deists who will explain more about what Deists believe and how Deism played a role in our history.  We’ll take a look at some of the popular culture war issues in the context of Deism.


DOES CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM MEAN THEOCRACY?  Adding perspective to the concept of Christian nationalism and its slide into a theocracy, we will be joined by Chris Rodda, author of Liars for Jesus, senior researcher for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and popular blogger at the Huffington Post and Freethought Blogs.


SPECIAL UPDATE:  WHAT'S HAPPENING IN FLORIDA?  EllenBeth Wachs' activism put Atheists of Florida in the nation’s public eye.  But she and John Kieffer resigned on November 6 from their elected positions as Vice-President and President, respectively.  Why?  Get the scoop in our 2nd hour.