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The times that Christ and the Prophets referred to as the last days are upon us. Yet, mainstream media along with popular culture has taught us to either accept the signs as a progression of Western culture, or to ignore the signs as mere... more

No one suffers more than the poor during war.There's much carnage leftover when the smoke clears after bombs are dropped while those who declare war makes profit. The current zionist adminstration wants war with Iran and will get... more

The Unconscious Community: Why Can't We Come Together

From year to year, we watch our families and love ones go through the pressure of trying to live up to the expectations of the Christmas spirit. Some go as far as putting themselves in major debt to ensure that they and their family are able to... more

Doesn't it seem that coming together in respect of the Gospel is more talk than action? Why do we talk against our brethren and continually use God an excuse for sowing discord? What can we do to avoid backbiting and and ultimately... more

Doesn't seem like it's an impossible feat to actually have and successful marriage in today's world? Is there a such thing as a happy marriage.... a better question. Have we been socially engineered into actually hating the institution of marriage... more

Last Week, we began a discussion based upon the Biblical reference of Jeremiah 2:14: Is Israel an homeborn slave. Tonight, we will build upon this conversational to determine if there's anything that we continue to exhibit as a nation... more

God's people have fallen from grace. Once Kings and Queens now relegated to shame. Doesn't it seem now that our men stay boys while while our women take control? How do we fix this curse that's perpetually plaqueing The Children of... more

We're now in the satanic holidays which rounds out the Pagans fiscal year which began with Halloween, enbarking on a annual day celebrated called thanksgiving that has the Ingigenous people of North, Central, and South America mourning... more

Something happens in the Earth this time of year. Holiday cheer,commercial consumerism, Yuletide Joy fills the malls and all spaces of our daily lives. Family gatherings and parties amongst religious gatherings as well as secular circles all... more