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The Greatest Fighter Of All Time

The Greatest Fighter Of All Time


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(29-0) 20 Knockouts Charlie Zelenoff Soon to be World Record Holder Of 2 things Hardest Puncher Of All Time Fastest Puncher Of All Time

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you know i knew the day was coming that id one day expose the laughing stock known as http://boxrec.com/ WATCH VIDEO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6r_Dp59bCI my 31st Pro Win I Outboxed... more

my 30th Pro fight got scheduled! this is it ! its time the time is Now! To Show the whole world that the G.O.A.T Has Arrived! when you see me land that Power in a boxing ring youll see exactly what im talking about !

Im gonna do it! Your all gonna witness it Im the Best its time to show the world who truly is the best fighter ! wow pretty incredible shit i read some predictions from the mayan calender they wrote that there will be an End of An Era and a... more

yup thats an era changing win the second i land a hook on his jaw he drops thats it the UBF is gonna get all the headlines UBF new WBC without all the corruption ! Charlie Zelenoff Better fighter then muhammed ali ever was ! Tom Leoffler... more

in 2011 i scored 9 Knockouts, so far in 2012 i have 7 Knockouts! Light Years above anything mike tyson ever did i mean he kod bums i kod actual fighters muhammed ali went rounds and won on points i scored 6 One Punch... more

Tom Loeffler from k2 promotions said to me on the phone that once i break the 2 Guiness World Records i will be fighting wladimer klitschko! he said 2 world records thats surreal feat and k2 promotions would be thrilled to work with me!... more

with this Much Power ! Boxing, K-1 What ever I land they go down! 0:05, 0:08, 0:10, 0:12, 0:14, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wf-qKfD5xI Tyson Did Not Punch this hard, Bruce Lee did not kick this Hard you see all that sheer brute... more

Thats right the Art Of Charlie Zelenoff Greatest Combat Style ever hey if its not broken why fix it i beat both kuds, i beat mayweather, i knocked out a numerous ammount of heavyweights, i kod 3 heavyweights cold with 1 punch 3 fights in a... more

No Fighter In Combat History has ever won 13 fights in 1 year i did it in 2011 and i also won 3 fights in 1 day! nobody not John L Sullivan, nobody comes close im #1 i surpassed even the greats from the old days ! like i said i brought better... more

i am the greatest fighter of all time! it will be proven showcased World Wide! TV Nation Wide i will hold 2 World Records. everyone knows by now that no man on this earth was programmed to deliver the damaging force that i deliver! 29... more