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    'Profit and Cash Flow Marketing' with Ron Hequet!

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    Ron Hequet is America’s Leading Profit and Cash Flow Strategist, and has  helped clients across the United States in as many as 20 different industries reduce debt, increase profit, and create cash surplus for rapid business growth.
    Having successfully owned and operated 8 businesses in 6 different industries, Ron knows how to achieve success through winning strategies and tactics. He is driven by results…and guided by experience!
    Low profits, insufficient cash flow, staffing difficulties—He has been there…and and solved those problems! He delivers proven strategies and tactics that offset the challenges of owning a business.
    If you’re serious about improving your company’s Net Profit Bottom-Line, creating Cash Surplus, and growing Sales Results That Make a Difference, my resources, and consulting deliver a customized action plan that can propel you to the top level of business achievement.
    Prominent businessman, philanthropist and author W. Clement Stone taught this simple but effective mantra to successful achievers; “DO IT NOW!” To position your organization for unparalleled growth and profit, “Get Off Your Assets” and contact us now. 

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    Unseen-Unheard Enemy: IDENTIFIED! - P-1 - 6PM HST,10PM MST,11PM CST,MIDNIGHT EST

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    If you are "experienced" relative to this show, thanks much for your continued patronage. Welcome back! On the other hand, if this is your first time joining us, Welcome! We are glad you are here!
    This special episode focuses primarily on reasons many private home heads in America, today, are unable to detect the presence of dishonest contractors. Is there some magical formula for so doing? Is there some highly kept secret about how residents accomplish the task of "busting" tricky contractors on the spot?
    When you are solidly aware of how this is actually done, it is hardly likely that you will ever again or ever be caught in a situation where you select and hire a contractor whom you later learn is just another predator. Here, we consider dishonest contractors who "work" the private residential circuit as "the enemy." As you know, in this world, ideally, the enemy are those whom are bent towards working against our comforts and conveniences. But, our freinds, are those whom will go out of their way to ensure these are maintained and improved - for you!
    Here is a special axiom to remember: If you cannot call a deceitful contractor for what he is (the enemy), then it is hardly possible for you to be aggressive enough to stop him. You are too soft on the matter.
     It is hardly possible to execise an significant level of true assiertiveness when we are  unwilling to call the enemy by name. The contractor who is against you is obviously not in your favor. A contractor is either your friend or foe. There is no in between. Here, we are going to discuss ways and means whereby you will clearly distinguish between the two. 

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    Real Estate Investment: Fund, Fix, Flip series – Rental Properties

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    In episode 2 of our series “Real Estate Investments: Fund, Fix, Flip” episode 2 we are answering the question “Is Owning a Rental worth the headache?”
    Listen to find answers from Rich Dad coaching Trainer/ Investor/ Banker Trevor Evans 
    What are you doing that is causing the headache? 1. Not properly screening the tenant.
    2. Not understanding the renters mindset
    3. Not Knowing  your tenant
    4. Not Understanding the positive cash flow cycle
    5. Not understanding which properties to buy
    6. Not Setting up warranty or replacement work directly with local scratch and dent shops
    7. Not Hiring a Property Management company

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    Best Ideas From What I Am Reading Right Now

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    I have been a business and life coach for over 14 years.  One of the things I was taught early in my career was that in order to stay ahead of my clients so that I can continue to inspire and help them move forward is to be continuously learning, reading, listening to great interviews, podcasts, etc.  This year I have been reading a wide variety of books to keep myself inspired.  Join me to hear what I believe are some of the best thoughts I have pulled from my most current reading. Some fiction, some non-fiction. 
    I like to turn the best thoughts into fuel for myself to keep growing and learning. By stopping on some thoughts, I can retain some important points- maybe one of them is something that will be important to you. Join me to find out! And please join in the conversation! And remember what I always tell my kids (as first heard by me at age 20 and said by Brian Tracy) "Readers are leaders." You are always the leader of your own life first, remember that. Reading is essential to us all. 

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    It’s time to TAKE A SABBATICAL

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    CENTERSTAGE: CatherineAllen, Author of Reboot Your Life
    Before you do something you will regret later; join us to hear how to professionally and successfully take a sabbatical.
    Veronica B.
    Center Stage Guest:
    Catherine Allen

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    Helping Robert Ganger Kick Off the ATLarge Music Film Festival

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    Creative entrepreneur and music film enthusiast Robert Ganger discusses the process and work of creating a new large scale event from scratch and shares with us his vision of the ATLarge Music Film Festival, which will premier in Atlanta 2017.  Rob gets some coaching help from Vicy in this episode as he works to "make the project manageable" as the creation process begins.  We discuss the work, art, and magic involved in beginning a new endeavor that one hopes will inspire and engage the community, both this year as it kicks off and for years to come as the ATLarge Music Film Festival develops into Rob's vision of Atlanta's very own niche of music + film.  Courtney & Vicy are IN to attend the first event, the date of which has been pushed back since this episode was recorded in fall 2016.  
    You can find out more about the festival, and about Courtney and Vicy, using these links!  Thank you for joining us for And So It Begins--Coaching Radio!  
    If you're starting a project and would like to be on our show, send us an email with your contact info and what you're beginning so we can reach out to you! 

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    First Black Thinker Radio Show (60 min)

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    Broadcasting from Northern California, the show explores diverse viewpoints of Black Thinkers.
    State your case about topics of race, politics, economics, leadership, employment, relationships, etc.
    Why did we start "Black Thinkers"?
    First, it would silly to believe that all black people think alike.
    Second, if you heard someone that felt like "you", maybe the world would be a different place.
    Third, and not least, we want our callers to "make their case"!
    It is our opinion that there's a lot of rhetoric out there in the public domain. Just because you have a microphone or camera in front of you does not mean what comes out of your mouth is truthful.
    Another word that comes to mind is "hyperbole". Please look  up this word.
    Folks, stuff people say whether it is a preacher, politician or a statistician is either true or not true.  However, the power of persuasive language mesmorizes us to hear what we want to hear and not what we need to hear.
    You will hear the words, in question form, WHY and HOW, a lot!
    The host, who goes by the initials, BT, is a Florida native of Haitian descent, whose parents were drug dealers and addicts in 1970's. After spending 10 years as a military serviceman and 12 years in corporate America in California, BT began to reflect on why people think like they do.  BT has gained a lot of great insight at the age of 52 .
    BT started a consulting business that advises business owners on how to improve operations.
    People BT admires include: Jesse Jackson (from the 1970's), Ronald Reagan, Denzel Washington, the late Donna Summer, George W. Bush, the late Margaret Thatcher, Dr. Ben Carson (from his 1992 book, "Think Big"), Colonel Allen West, and in some economic aspects, President Barack Obama.

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    3 Easy Ways To Discover Your Life Mission

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    “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” ? Gautama Buddha
    Knowing your life mission is essential preparation for where you want to go.  God gives each of us life, health, and everything else. It's time to know what your your plan for your life.  Learn what you will do with the life God has given you?
    Remember an owner of a company doesn't hand out large budgets for an employee who doesn’t have a carefully prepared plan.  .
    Life Mission 
    Simple & Clear Guides Your Daily Actions Reflects your values Who are you? How do you see the world What is important to you? How do you make decisions Contact Information
    Website: radiantsunshine.org  Development Page: rsdevelopment.org Email: sharea@radiantsunshine.org Also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRadiantSunshine

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    GSICR welcomes back Pastor Kevin Archie

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    He's back!!! GSICR welcomes Kevin Archie!!! Kevin, is not only a versatile singer but an awesome musician and songwriter, sharing his talents with the likes of Eugene Cole, Twinkie Clark, and Kim Burrell to name a few. He can tell you better than I can... enjoy another enlightening ministry encounter with Special Guest Kevin Archie!!

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    Fire Your Fairy Godmother and Give Yourself Her Job

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    If you're frustrated with any area in your life, then it's time to take a little inventory.
    When you realize that you--and only you--create your experiences, you'll realize that you can forge new experiences whenever you want.
    Only You can take responsibility for your happiness and your unhappiness, your successes and your failures, your good times and your bad times.
    Arthur will share how you can you can focus your energy and redirect it to shaping better situations for yourself by giving yourself permission to have what you want.