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    Strength From The Lion’s Den Oct 17th at 7:30 pm Topic “Think Like A Boss”

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    Strength From The Lion’s Den Oct 17th at 7:30 pm Topic “Think Like A Boss” Host Apostle John L. Solomon Call in {516} 418-5937 or go online Stop thinking like an employee, even if you’re working in the mailroom. Don’t let anyone mislead you; there’s more to being a boss than rolling high and looking fly. It encompasses everything from refilling the coffee pot like a boss to making a big money move like a boss. No task is too big or too small to tackle with the “boss” mentality! Join my special guest, the CEO of ARI Entertainment, Mr. Terrence Smith and my co host, “Mr. CEO” Phillip Reid Sr. Think like a boss, and we will give you the keys to having a boss mentality!

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    Fledgecast 39: "Finance Fundamentals"

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    Finances can be a burdensome topic to discuss, however, this week we invited 2 time Olympic medalist and financial coach Lauryn Williams to The 13th Floor to lift some of that burden. From budgeting to debt management, we outline some fundamental tips and strategies that can improve your current financial state. 
    For more information you can vist her website www.worth-winning.com or email her at lauryn@worth-winning.com
    The breakdown...
    3:30 - Sorry, not sorry
    6:40 - Ol' Ray Ray
    11:00 - Finance Fundamentals
    19:47 - You need a budget!
    23:50 - Give every dollar a job
    27:20 - Debt Management
    35:44 - The Do's and Don'ts
    43:15 - Friends don't let friends have f!@#$% up finances
    45:50 - Riddle me this
    49:07 - Fresh Jam of the Week "Truth" by Kamasi Washington
    54:33 - Coach K: "Do What You Love"

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    2014 Laws of Attraction Finally the Secrets are Released

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    2014 The Law of Attraction Secrets Released is more than just attracting but a great consciousness change within.  I AM a giver so I decided to change my radio channel and set up a station that would be a great help for everyone and together we would manifest the things we are seeking.  I am releasing the old and in with the new affirmation!  Let's make 2014 worth more than 2013.  Stop beating your head against the wall trying to overcome internet marketing, how to start a business or having self development.  I will being sharing lots of information that you can easily access on various topics but most of all encouraging each other not to give up but to embrace the newness that we all can have if we try. divasforhire.com love to upgrade lifehttp://divasforhire.com

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    GSICR welcomes Apostle Joseph Green

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    From Sanford NC
    Apostle Joseph Green and God Glory!! CD entitled Called to the NATION

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    Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn

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    Disability does not mean failure....
    Being told your child has a disability can be shocking news. Parents experience a range of emotions - confusion, anger, fear, shame, etc.  They need to learn a new way of life, making adjustments and navigating through what can be viewed as a uncooperative bureaucratic process.  In the midst of all of this one may forget that each child is endowed with the traits and skills needed to perform their unique life purpose; even individuals with disabilities. The challenge becomes finding these traits and unlocking that potential. Ancient wisdom says, “Teach each child according to his method and way of learning." 
    This weeks guest, Sharon R. Saroff, M.S.Ed. is the founder of SEDRA, Special Education Disabilities Resources & Advocacy, with a mission to help individuals with disabilities find their potential and meet with success.  SEDRA helps families and school districts work together to help children get the services they need and to “level the playing field” so that children with special needs find success. 
    Sharon, Special Education Consultant, Parent Advocate, and Speaker with over 20 years experience, offers a unique perspective having grown up with a learning disability and as the mother of two children with disabilities. Special education is not just her passion, it is her life.  Join Mark and Carolyn as Sharon talks about her journey and shares tips and strategies to help children with disabilities lead a happy and successful life. 

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    How Does She Do It? -with the Honorable Nancy J. Waples

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    Nancy Waples is a judge of the Criminal, Family and Civil Trial Courts presiding mostly in northern Vermont.  Prior to her appointment to the bench, Nancy was a criminal defense attorney in the state and federal courts, a former federal prosecutor, and an assistant district attorney in the Manhattan DA's Office in New York City.
    We will find out- how did she do this?  How did she end of here- a judge in Vermont?  And like all of the other panelists, she has a full and busy life outside of work.  We will find out her secrets for handling it all during the event- bur first....the background story of one of the nicest people I know!

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    Vision boards that depict the future you wish to create with Petra Nicoll

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    GOT RESOLUTIONS? This week Petra will help YOU create an Empowering Vision Board!
    Your  brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!
    Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful tool serves as your image of the future - a tangible representation of where you are going.  It represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life. 
    Petra Nicoll is an "Emotional Energy Coach" who helps you unravel and unveil the patterns of your life story so that YOU can live life to your highest potential. 
    Petra's comfortable and unique process of having you talk through your story, enables you to clearly see how particular patterns have influenced the overall theme of your life. 
    Your story is unique and distinctive and has taught you specific life lessons. Petra's  passion and purpose is to help all those she serves to see how these specific patterns create significant lessons that become a positive influence for personal light and good, even in the midst of much darkness, despair, and grief.
    “Like a Phoenix, she will rise from the ashes of despair and soar.”
    Your Host: Transformational Story Coach, Petra Nicoll Petra's trials and tribulations in her own life have inspired her book, Petra’s Ashes: A Transcendental Journey (2016 release) and have made her who she is today – a compassionate, insightful and loving being who can help you rise like a phoenix and soar!
    Get Petra's FREE Meditation MP3 at PetraNicoll.com

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    Helping Robert Ganger Kick Off the ATLarge Music Film Festival

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    Creative entrepreneur and music film enthusiast Robert Ganger discusses the process and work of creating a new large scale event from scratch and shares with us his vision of the ATLarge Music Film Festival, which will premier in Atlanta 2017.  Rob gets some coaching help from Vicy in this episode as he works to "make the project manageable" as the creation process begins.  We discuss the work, art, and magic involved in beginning a new endeavor that one hopes will inspire and engage the community, both this year as it kicks off and for years to come as the ATLarge Music Film Festival develops into Rob's vision of Atlanta's very own niche of music + film.  Courtney & Vicy are IN to attend the first event, the date of which has been pushed back since this episode was recorded in fall 2016.  
    You can find out more about the festival, and about Courtney and Vicy, using these links!  Thank you for joining us for And So It Begins--Coaching Radio!  
    If you're starting a project and would like to be on our show, send us an email with your contact info and what you're beginning so we can reach out to you! 

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    Join us as we talk about the city of Memphis, the one that sits on the bluff of the Mississipppi River, in the lower SouthWest corner of Tennessee, its state. Tonight we take a Revolutionary look, at Memphis, Tn.

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    It’s time to TAKE A SABBATICAL

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    CENTERSTAGE: CatherineAllen, Author of Reboot Your Life
    Before you do something you will regret later; join us to hear how to professionally and successfully take a sabbatical.
    Veronica B.
    Center Stage Guest:
    Catherine Allen