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    The Blessing Of Rebuilding Together - Part 3 - Celebrating Ntl Volunteer Month

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    Here before? Welcome back! If not, Welcome! The month of April is officially “National Volunteer Month.” It is also a time designated to appreciate volunteering even more, and to celebrate those who contributed and are contributing in this way nationally and/or globally!
    In this episode, we are celebrating the history, development, and impact of “Rebuilding Together.”  Although they incorporated in 1988, their roots trace back 15 years earlier(1973). We share just a bit about their honorable beginnings in the most wonderful world of Midland, Texas.As with Habit for Humanity, which actually existed long before being incorporated with the name, Rebuilding Together (as shared earlier herein) existed long before being incorporated. An incredible story! You bet! Please tune in. Invite others to tune for the benefit as well. VALIDATE!     
    April’s Featured 4-Part Episode Series (Celebrating “National Volunteer Month”). 1 Episode Remaining: Upcoming:
    Part 4 (4/21/18) The Inimitable VolunteerMatch!
    National Time Zone Start Time:
    HT-1PM; PT-3PM; MT-4PM; CT-5PM; ET-6PM - Hawaiian, Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern TZ's, respectively.   
    Give-away: SERVICE BOOKLET 
    (There is one for your geographic area. Customized! This is the recommended study and practice for all episodes)
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    Featured Instrumental: Sound Track (US): "Out Of Space" - Artist: Decktonic -  Attribution License
    Public Courtesy - HGRBS ®

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    "Oh White People" The Remix

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    Let's start this off with a bang. Are all white people racist? Is the question that I am asked a lot. My answer is yes maybe no. All white people have racial tendencies and all white people are racist inclined; unless they display one quality.

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    Jewelry: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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    Sharon McRill, Owner of the Betty Brigade, will be talking with Dan Hacker, of Hacker Jewelers from Tecumseh, Michigan about understanding your jewelry.
    Daniel G. Hacker is the President of Hacker Jewelers, Designers & Goldsmiths, Inc. of Tecumseh, which he operates with his wife Barbara.  Dan joined the family business after graduating from the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School in 1981.  He subsequently earned his M.B.A. from Eastern Michigan University and his Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.  Dan is an award-winning jewelry designer, a Master Graduate Gemologist Appraiser, member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, and formerly served on the national board of directors of the Independent Jewelers Organization.
    For over twenty years Dan has travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to purchase diamonds at the World Diamond Centre.  Along with diamonds, colored stones, and original designs, Hacker Jewelers specializes in estate and antique jewelry. The firm is also an industry leader in fair trade jewelry issues.
    Follow Hacker Jewelers:
    Follow Betty Brigade:

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    Fledgecast 39: "Finance Fundamentals"

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    Finances can be a burdensome topic to discuss, however, this week we invited 2 time Olympic medalist and financial coach Lauryn Williams to The 13th Floor to lift some of that burden. From budgeting to debt management, we outline some fundamental tips and strategies that can improve your current financial state. 
    For more information you can vist her website www.worth-winning.com or email her at lauryn@worth-winning.com
    The breakdown...
    3:30 - Sorry, not sorry
    6:40 - Ol' Ray Ray
    11:00 - Finance Fundamentals
    19:47 - You need a budget!
    23:50 - Give every dollar a job
    27:20 - Debt Management
    35:44 - The Do's and Don'ts
    43:15 - Friends don't let friends have f!@#$% up finances
    45:50 - Riddle me this
    49:07 - Fresh Jam of the Week "Truth" by Kamasi Washington
    54:33 - Coach K: "Do What You Love"

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    GSICR welcomes Apostle Joseph Green

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    From Sanford NC
    Apostle Joseph Green and God Glory!! CD entitled Called to the NATION

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    Vision boards that depict the future you wish to create with Petra Nicoll

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    GOT RESOLUTIONS? This week Petra will help YOU create an Empowering Vision Board!
    Your  brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!
    Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful tool serves as your image of the future - a tangible representation of where you are going.  It represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life. 
    Petra Nicoll is an "Emotional Energy Coach" who helps you unravel and unveil the patterns of your life story so that YOU can live life to your highest potential. 
    Petra's comfortable and unique process of having you talk through your story, enables you to clearly see how particular patterns have influenced the overall theme of your life. 
    Your story is unique and distinctive and has taught you specific life lessons. Petra's  passion and purpose is to help all those she serves to see how these specific patterns create significant lessons that become a positive influence for personal light and good, even in the midst of much darkness, despair, and grief.
    “Like a Phoenix, she will rise from the ashes of despair and soar.”
    Your Host: Transformational Story Coach, Petra Nicoll Petra's trials and tribulations in her own life have inspired her book, Petra’s Ashes: A Transcendental Journey (2016 release) and have made her who she is today – a compassionate, insightful and loving being who can help you rise like a phoenix and soar!
    Get Petra's FREE Meditation MP3 at PetraNicoll.com

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    BGU: 5 Tips On How To Choose An Online Course Of Study

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    Join the Bougie Girl as she gives tips for choosing an online course of study

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    Helping Robert Ganger Kick Off the ATLarge Music Film Festival

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    Creative entrepreneur and music film enthusiast Robert Ganger discusses the process and work of creating a new large scale event from scratch and shares with us his vision of the ATLarge Music Film Festival, which will premier in Atlanta 2017.  Rob gets some coaching help from Vicy in this episode as he works to "make the project manageable" as the creation process begins.  We discuss the work, art, and magic involved in beginning a new endeavor that one hopes will inspire and engage the community, both this year as it kicks off and for years to come as the ATLarge Music Film Festival develops into Rob's vision of Atlanta's very own niche of music + film.  Courtney & Vicy are IN to attend the first event, the date of which has been pushed back since this episode was recorded in fall 2016.  
    You can find out more about the festival, and about Courtney and Vicy, using these links!  Thank you for joining us for And So It Begins--Coaching Radio!  
    If you're starting a project and would like to be on our show, send us an email with your contact info and what you're beginning so we can reach out to you! 

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    Life Spring Cleaning 2018 Style!

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    We hear it all of the time- create or design your life, but is that really possilbe?  Let's explore this by peering into the corners and blowing out the dust bunnies to find out!
    Spring energy begs us to lighten up, to shed things, to think and play big- how can you apply a few simple ideas to your life in order to make the most of this season and to set the tone for the rest of the year?
    Get ready to take stock of where you are at and to be excited to get to where you want to be!
    Read the blog post that goes along with this episode here:

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    'Seven Steps of Successful Selling' with Tom Hopkins

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    Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as The Builder of Sales Champions. His selling skills and sales strategies have helped millions of sales professionals and business owners in industries from A to Z to serve more clients, make more sales and earn millions in income.
    Tom got his start in real estate sales when he was just 19 years of age. After an initial period of abject failure, he started learning the communication skills that made him the #1 real estate agent in the US within 7 years.
    Since 1976 he has been teaching others his simple, yet powerful strategies and tactics through live events, books, CDs and video. Millions have turned their cars into classrooms, listening to Tom's advice on the way to appointments with potential new clients.
    His client list includes the likes of AFLAC, 24 Hour Fitness, Best Buy, State Farm Insurance, Kavo, Eli Lilly, REMAX and many others. He also offers live public seminars in cities throughout the US and Canada on a regular basis.
    He has authored 16 books including: How to Master the Art of Selling, Selling for Dummies and his latest release, Selling in Tough Times 

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