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    The Right Mindset for Success

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    Millionaire mentor, Lesmont Hill is passionate about motivating others toward success and rapid millionaire status.  He is leading a team of success minded others who are being propelled toward greatness daily.  He is masterful in his ability to stir up the passion and drive in people, which causes success in their lives to be as simple as a default setiing in their mindset! 
    Listen, be inspired and invite others!  "Success is Your Only Option"
    When our Millionaire Mentor ask us "What's Up Team Success?", we automatically respond, "My Income!".

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    GSICR welcomes Erin Knight

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    ERIN KNIGHT!!!!!!
    From Erin’s mouth to God’s ear. Contemporary gospel artist Erin Knight, was born, and is currently being raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his family.  His love for church and music has set Erin aside from his peers to be used in the ministry. Erin believes that children can be used by God just as adults.  Erin began singing at the age of 3 with his grandmother playing the piano.  Erin launched his solo career as a singer at the age of 8. Being a gifted young singer, he has set out to reach as many people as he can with his songs of inspiration. Erin doesn't take his gift for granted, and when he is in his creative mode, he requires a peaceful and very quiet setting so God can speak to him. He believes that true power and fellowship with God comes from within. Erin often says he wants to be known as a giver that loves being a blessing to others, and one that loves to sing.

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    Thanks once again for stopping by to check things out. If this is your first time, greetings are also extended your way! Foremost, for the sake of rehash, this show is replete with episodes which are especially designed for you as an American private home decision maker. If you are "experienced" on this show, no need going any farther about that. If not, you WILL be! But the warning, of course, it that, this show is primarily for aggressively-oriented private home heads in our country. You have to be "ready." 
    Our emphasis is towards making the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible results. Granted that these are what all private home heads in our country hope for, but if "hoping" for these marvalous outcomes was all there is to it, then there would be no need for extreme ministries such as HGRBS [the non-profit 501 (c) (3) I represent as a volunteer home projects consultant). In this moment, we are investigating and re-discovering exactly what it means to have power. How do you score on the scale of 1-10 when it comes to your contract-related home projects? For sure, you WILL know where you are actually standing in that respect for 2017! Please, do not miss this one.
    Recommended Interim Study: STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION (BTR archive)
    *Special note: This show isn’t normally of a call-in nature. Please email: ministryofthehome@gmail.com  
    Please, remember that this ministry is premised on serving you!
    E-book: Power in the House! - M.S.E.. 
    Prepared & Published by R.B.Roberts in association with HGRBS [a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation] 

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    'Think and Grow Rich!' with Dr. JB Hill

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    Dr. James Blair Hill, born in Morgantown, W.Va., is the son of David Hill, the youngest son of Napoleon Hill and Florence Hornor. He graduated from high school in 1966 and spent time at sea on cargo ships until 1969, when he was drafted into service as a private with the United States Marine Corps.
    In 1973, he attended Vanderbilt University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. At graduation, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant and commenced service in the Marines as a field artillery officer. He later earned a MS degree in mathematics from the Naval Postgraduate School.
    In 1995, he retired from the Marine Corps after 26 years of service to study medicine. At the age of 53, he graduated from medical school and started a three-year residency in family medicine. Dr. Hill is board-certified in family medicine and holds certifications in wound care and hyperbaric medicine.  He is now working as a hospitalist in geriatric care and lives with his wife and two children in Bridgeport, WV.
    Dr. Hill’s association with Napoleon Hill’s philosophy began at 12 when his grandfather placed a copy of Think and Grow Rich into his hands and told him to read it.  However, he did not understand the legacy that his grandfather had given him until he was 23.  What he learned from his grandfather changed his life.   

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    This session will discuss influence and the impacts of it.  How it is used and leveraged each day of our lives.  How are you using your influence?

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    Catching up with Nerissa - Redo

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    Ahh, technology, last week Nerissa was unable to provide us with an update because, despite our best efforts, technology failed up.  Please join us for this week's episode when we will have the chance to hear about Nerissa's first semester.

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    The culture of honor

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    The greatest seed you can sow is an honor”
    “Honor seed. There is no seed greater than the seed of honor. It is required by God that we honor and respect every life source. So when he says, ‘Give honour to whom honour is due,’ he specifically means here that you have to honor a life source. Anytime people dishonor a life source, it unleashes demonic attacks, satanic generational curses, poverty, all kinds of barrenness & famine. All life comes from God, and when people blatantly dishonor a life source, no matter what life source it is, it violates the principles of God’s sovereign existence. Anytime a life source is violated, God withdraws His blessing at any time and on any level

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    Beginning Financial Freedom in 2017 #YESWEWILL #GETUPRADIO #FINANCE

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    Welcome to Get Up Radio Media Broadcast by the founder, Alan Cousin. Today Mr. Cousin discuss the the insights of 2017 and what possible preparations you can take this year. Being a financial consultant and a member of the National Press Club of Washington, D.C., Mr. Cousin gets opportunities to view various levels of life from cultures around the world to help him focus on possible ideas to improve life. Enjoy and come back every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to hear insight on various aspects of life and how to improve in 2017. YES WE CAN...YES WE WILL!

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    Abundance vs. Scarcity Thinking

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    On today’s show Arthur will be sharing his ideas about what separates someone who has a consciousness of abundance from someone who has a consciousness of scarcity. He invites you to examine his list of qualities and habits that may propel you forward and the ones that may hold you back. His goal is to help you identify what may be that “missing link” that you may be adding to your “mix” which just might be the reason you are not making the progress you‘d like to be making. His list just may help you organize your thoughts that will lead to your greatest success.