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JOIN US ON A JOURNEY OF EXPLORATION & DISCOVERY we learn together and grow together with empathy, love, respect and support for one another as we discuss RED PILL TOPICS and MORE, in a time of GREAT CHALLENGE on planet Earth . Topics: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. Share your perspective, Voice your views..Your Voice Matters - CALL # (347) 308-8131 - Time: 7 pm est. - days vary - FOLLOW US TO SET A REMINDER.

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COME HELP US WELCOME RETURNING SPECIAL GUEST: Author of - The First Americans Were Africans by David Imhotep, Ph.D.../ Not hardly. The Cowboys, actually, came on the scene very late. The First Americans, as seen... more

test show to trouble shoot audio problem.. test call # given for host call in--- What's the point of hosting a radio show if your audience can't understand what you're saying? If you want to learn how to improve the sound quality of... more

I am Daniel Jacob (aka Daniel Jacobs), a native of S. California, but currently reside in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State. I have two sons---Jeffrey, 39, and Joe, 35, and a Grandcat named ?Brix?….who is pampered... more

JOIN US AS WE WELCOME A COURAGEOUS SISTER.. Sherry Peel Jackson, THE HARRIETT TUBMAN OF OUR DAY../ Sherry Peel Jackson ... author of: "ESCAPE THE RAT RACE and STICK IT TO THE IRS .../ With Retired CPA,... more

WELCOME James Evans Bomar III (also known as Sevan) is a widely known spiritual teacher committed to the universal transformation of humanity and involution for all beings. After writing and distributing freely his self-published... more

A fool and his money are soon elected. Will Rogers .../ A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as... more

The Great Gold Ponzi Scheme The Gold market is highly manipulated. One of the mechanisms used to artificially suppress the price of gold is a financial instrument called an ETF or Exchange Traded Fund. ETFs are essentially a paper... more

WELCOME Special Guest - Mr Michael Dalcoe CEO The Real Money - Michael Dalcoe CEO - Continuously Empowering Others. Wealth Building and Wealth Preservation. Everyone should have a home based business for increased cash... more

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE IS POSSIBLE THIS EVENING..... http://govtslaves.info/this-is-what-happened-when-i-tried-to-withdrawl-1500-cash-from-bank-of-america/ MO MONEY ANYONE ?../ Financial independence is generally used to... more

MONEY - MONEY - MONEY .../ http://www.afn.org/~govern/bankruptcy.html IS THERE A SECRET TO MONEY? .../ WHAT IS MONEY?..../ HOW MUCH MONEY WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE? .../ No more paper money by 2043? From 3-D... more