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Greetings & Welcome, to Gnosis Kardia, Where the ESOTERIC & POLITICS meet. JOIN US ON A JOURNEY OF EXPLORATION & DISCOVERY Linking our minds, our knowledge (GNOSIS) with our hearts (KARDIA)...where we honor the divine masculine and the divine feminine with voices in harmony and balance. Resonating together exploring our views, knowing we are Ancient Navigators of consciousness! .. Let us express together, listen to and learn from each other, celebrate our uniqueness! and "agree or disagree" ,embracing simularities and respecting our differences. .. We will shine the light of (TRUTH) on our reality, i.e., (WHAT IS) as we (OVER-STAND) it, no longer willing to just stand under it. *** We will create that new space where we can freely search for the (ACUTALITY) of our environment, ( the good the bad and the ugly ). A new space where we express our worldviews, our hopes and dreams; clearing our fears and the shadow. As we explore the inner and outer worlds, and strive to empower ourselves by showing empathy, love, respect and support for one another in a time of GREAT CHALLENGE on planet Earth .... COME JOIN US AS "We Rise like the Phoenix from the ashes!" *** JOIN THE CONVERSATION **** (Bring an open mind) (Listener dial-in number) ....... (347) 308-8131 ...... M -T - W - F 7 PM est -- during rainy season, weather permitting *** FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL - Your Host : Ngon'e : Aw ******* "Spirituality is being conscious of reality." ~ James Small -- -/ "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson /

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There is a level of being in which the ALL THAT IS truly is all there is. You have no need of anything--because you are everything! You have no boundaries because, when you are All That Is, there is nothing left to be outside of you./... more

NOTICE: ADULT CONTENT - NOT FOR CHILDREN OR MAYBE NOT FOR SOME ADULTS (smiling) CLIP CONTINUED: * Positive Timeline defeats Israel's use of 2014-15 Tetra Eclipses & Saturn Moon Matrix (2:13:33 Mins)... more

NOTICE: ADULT CONTENT - NOT FOR CHILDREN OR MAYBE NOT FOR SOME ADULTS (smiling) CLIP CONTINUED: * Positive Timeline defeats Israel's use of 2014-15 Tetra Eclipses & Saturn Moon Matrix (2:13:33 Mins)... more

Kling & Webre Panel: Positive Timeline deconstructs catastrophic events, Israel's use of 2014-15 Tetra Lunar Eclipses & Saturn-Moon Matrix? Historical Record – Zionism & Tetra Lunar Eclipses/ The actions of Israel in invading and... more

How Do We Find Answers? In the search for the Truth, people will inevitably look to certain places for the answers to their greatest questions. The sources to which they go in their search for answers are varied, spanning all aspects of... more

HOW COULD WE KNOW THE MOON IS NOT A NATURAL PLANET? The answer - Because it is too big, yet too light in mass; it is in the strangest position imaginable relative to the Sun and the Earth and it behaves in the most... more

RESOURCE: Alfred Lambremont Webre/ Could The Moon be a artificial satellite signal-enhancer of Moon-Saturn mind control Matrix - Mind control matrix for our planet enabling patterns of war, disease, crime, poverty and... more

WELCOME: Guest Speaker - Novie Simmons Characteristics of Self-Actualized People In addition to describing what is meant by self-actualization in his theory, Maslow also identified some of the key characteristics of self-actualized people:... more

How Do Co-dependent People Behave? Co-dependents have low self-esteem and look for anything outside of themselves to make them feel better. They find it hard to ?be themselves.? Some try to feel better through alcohol, drugs or nicotine... more

OPEN LETTER TO SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS - Perhaps you have heard about the CDC whistleblower who has come out and admitted Vaccines have been deliberately targeting Black babies since the 1920's. Aldoux Huxley wrote... more