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Sharing God's prophetic words with the world. Christian talk show discussing spiritual warfare, curse-breaking, prophetic words and how to live the Christian life. On Blog Talk Radio since October 2009. Note: Opinions expressed by guests on Straight Talk are not necessarily those of its Host.

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Have you ever wondered about the meaning of Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets? Have you ever wished for a way you, too, could celebrate this important Jewish holiday? Well now you can. Tonight's episode includes a... more

What appears to be the worst event in your entire life can turn out to be your greatest blessing. We must learn to see the events in our lives as God sees them, through the eyes of eternity. How do you handle it if everything around you is... more

Have you been called by God, but you feel inadequate? Do you fear failing Him? Does your fear of inadequacy lead you to the gates of despair? Are your messages of the coming judgments falling on deaf ears? Is there something in... more

This message is short, but may well be the most serious message I have ever received from the Lord.

What in your life is holding you captive? Drugs or alcohol? Shopping or gambling addiction? A lust for beauty, wealth, prestige or power? Sexual fulfillment? How different would your life be if you got free? Did you know captivity is a curse?... more

The second part of this small series on how to deal with the Jezebel Spirit!

In a two-part series beginning tonight, I will be sharing some new information I have gained about the Spirit of Jezebel, along with specifcs about how best to confront and deal with this vile spirit. Who was Jezebel? What does she try to... more

The Lord gave me a new prophetic word this morning and I felt a STRONG urgency in my spirit to get it out right away. In this broadcast are also several prophetic words for unknown listeners!

Tonight on Wings Radio, I will be talking about many of the wiles of Satan, how he sets you up for attack - and how he succeeds. Also, how you can STOP him from succeeding! Don't miss this episode!

On tonight's episode, I will be talking about helps and hindrances to those wanting to hear God, or hear from Him. Included: What God told me in 2013 about why so many people do not hear Him. Prophetic word for an unknown listener!
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