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Sharing God's prophetic words with the world. Christian talk show discussing spiritual warfare, curse-breaking, prophetic words and how to live the Christian life. On Blog Talk Radio since October 2009. Note: Opinions expressed by guests on Straight Talk are not necessarily those of its Host.

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When I prayed about a subject for this week's show, the Lord gave me idolatry. It's a favorite subject of mine anyway, so I wasn't unhappy about that, but He also told me something about the deception coming in the end times that you won't... more

Tonight's episode will be a discussion of discouragement and how to hold on to your faith through very discouraging times, which we all pass through at one time or another. Sometimes we feel as though they will never end, but they do.... more

Our responsibility to God. What are our responsibilities to God? A discussion of the meaning of the word responsibility. Intro and Outro by Conrad of - if you need an intro/outro - email him at... more

Reading and discussion of the prophetic word released today "When Lawlessness Abounds" about the end time.

The Lord gave me a three part word for His people about 2014. I will be releasing it and discussing it on tonight's episode - is this a word for you? This show is an hour long Intro and Outro by Conrad of - if you need an... more

Tonight's episode will be the episode that was supposed to air last week PLUS this week's episode - so.... EXHAUSTION - Is The Enemy Keeping You Exhausted? Are you taking hits from the enemy right and left? Are attacks... more

New Year's Resolutions. Most of us make them. Why don't we keep them? Intro and Outro by Conrad of - if you need an intro/outro - email him at !

A brief holiday message.

If you have ever asked, "Why Me?" or "Why is this happening to me?" this show will help you Intro and Outro by Conrad of - if you need an intro/outro - email him at !

Tonight's episode is something special. I have been praying for some time asking the Lord for a show that was all prophetic words for listeners, because I know that one word from the Lord can change your life. It can also keep you from... more
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