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Sharing God's prophetic words with the world. Christian talk show discussing spiritual warfare, curse-breaking, prophetic words and how to live the Christian life. On Blog Talk Radio since October 2009. Note: Opinions expressed by guests on Straight Talk are not necessarily those of its Host.

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Rejection. We have all faced it in some form, at some time in our lives, and we have the wounds to prove it. Few experiences are more profoundly impacting thant the pain of rejection. Some spend lifetimes trying to find the love they never felt as a child. Some spend their lives in love with wealth after being rejected in childhood because of poverty. The arm of rejection is long reaching, and its blow creates a stinging pain in our spirits unlike any other. This show is about how to handle rejection when it comes knocking at your door. Also: on this episode I share a vision given to my good friend Ardith, which I feel is from the Lord. We are not completely sure what He is trying to tell us in it - if you think you know, please post a comment to this show!
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Tonight's show is a slight variation of the usual, because the Lord gave me this message specifically for tonight's broadcast. Mary and the Alabaster Box

On tonight's show, I will be discussing false humility. * True humility vs. false humility * How to recognize which one you're seeing * How to tell if you're walking in false humility I will also be releasing a prophetic word: The Evil One Seeks... more

Tonight I will be talking about the problems of shame and low self esteem. How we get it, how it affects our lives, how it can be helped.

On tonight's show I will be sharing a revelation about rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's. I will also be releasing a prophetic word regarding the end times called "Fortify Yourselves."

Part 2 of How to Pray - Discussing different types of prayer and their purpose, how to pray, how not to pray. Should we ever repeat a prayer? What about long prayers? Should our prayers be formal? What types of things help prayers get... more

On tonight's edition of Straight Talk, I will be discussing how to worship, how I worship, and what it means to worship God. This show is in response to numerous requests to cover this subject. If you have always wanted to... more

On tonight's show, I talk about how to pray, how I pray, what prayer is, and four types of prayer: * Prayer of Supplication or Petition * Prayer of Thanksgiving * Prayer of Confession and Repentance * Intercessory Prayer ("Love On Its Knees")

On tonight's show, I discuss a type of persecution I feel strongly will be coming in the future, that recently happened to a Michigan woman.... more

Sometimes God calls us to be in a place or situation where we don't want to be. Sometimes we are led away from people we love, in order to answer a higher call. Though we want to follow His call on our lives, these situations are never easy.... more

On tonight's broadcast, I will be discussing several different prophetic words my spirit bears witness with. These are words primarily directed towards the nation of America. They include a prophetic warning given at the Elim Bible Institute in... more
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