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Sharing God's prophetic words with the world. Christian talk show discussing spiritual warfare, curse-breaking, prophetic words and how to live the Christian life. On Blog Talk Radio since October 2009. Note: Opinions expressed by guests on Straight Talk are not necessarily those of its Host.

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What are some methods of fortune telling and what is their history? Who goes to fortune tellers and why? What happens to those who do?

Do you have questions about New Age or Occult practices? Does someone in your home do crystal gazing or candle gazing? Do you wonder if it is okay to do Yoga? Read your horoscope? Do Reiki? This episode is the beginning of a... more

Let's talk about the definition of a Christian. Are we defined by it or do we define it? This episode includes a prophetic word for an unknown listener.

When someone looks at your life, can they tell you're a Christian? Do they see Jesus? Are you a credit to God or are you discrediting Him to unbelievers?

How do you help someone you love who suffers from addiction? How do you help if that someone is you? Releasing the hold of addiction.

A discussion about some possible spiritual roots for diseases, and cures, according to what the Bible says. There are trends I have observed with certain illnesses that I believe correlate to spiritual roots. If you find the spiritual root of... more

Are you worn out? Ready to give up? Not seeing any other way out of your situation? This show is for you. Let God speak to you tonight. A talk about suicide. This show includes prophetic words for several listeners.

A review and discussion of prophetic words received over the last year.

Anointed. Prophetic words for several listeners are in this episode as well!

More than any other question, I constantly receive emails from believers trapped in bad relationships. This is a show about marriage, the right way and wrong way. Also a prophetic word for one unknown listener about their situation.
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