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Sharing God's prophetic words with the world. Christian talk show discussing spiritual warfare, curse-breaking, prophetic words and how to live the Christian life. On Blog Talk Radio since October 2009. Note: Opinions expressed by guests on Straight Talk are not necessarily those of its Host.

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Tonight on Wings Radio, I will be talking about many of the wiles of Satan, how he sets you up for attack - and how he succeeds. Also, how you can STOP him from succeeding! Don't miss this episode!
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On tonight's episode, I will be talking about helps and hindrances to those wanting to hear God, or hear from Him. Included: What God told me in 2013 about why so many people do not hear Him. Prophetic word for an unknown listener!

On tonight's episode, I will talk about being serious with God. Also discussed: Playing with God; Spiritual roots of mass murder of children, bullying and terrorism in our nation today. Included: A discussion of the new prophetic word,... more

What makes a friend? Is Jesus your friend?

We are told over and over in the Word to REJOICE, and again to REJOICE - but when the chips are down, when everything around you is falling apart, exactly HOW do we do that?

Many people deal with hopelessness, depression and suicidal thoughts, including many Christians. Research has shown that pastors and ministers are especially at risk. Learn how to deal with these terrible feelings of darkness and despair.

On tonight's episode, I will be discussing anger issues and how to overcome them, talking about unforgiveness (and a vision I had of that spirit, I will talk about that for the first time ever) and also releasing a new prophetic word the Lord... more

Did you know it is not God's will for you to be in lack? Ps. 23:1: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. That word 'want' also means lack. God does not want you to have to do without! Find out how to keep the devil out of your stuff!!... more

America's fate is sealed. Judgment is headed our way - what you need to know NOW!

Has the enemy ever tried to tell you that you're not saved and not going to Heaven? He tries that on all Christians at one time or another (He's a LIAR, by the way) We need to know whether we are really saved or not - here's how to... more

More on how soul ties are formed. Could you be doing something to hold the soul tie in place? Find out how to break free from past relationships once and for all!
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