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Charlie and Mark discuss possible vulnerabilities into power grid in the United States, from various sources.

Charlie and Mark discuss the benefits of converting automobiles and heavy trucks from gasoline to compressed natural gas.

Charlie and Mark talk about what upcoming energy deregulation means for the US consumer.

Charlie and Mark talk about the number of people on Social Security disability, and what that means for the economy.

Charlie and Mark talk about the latest jobless numbers and the state of the economy.

Charlie and Mark are back, with some new opportunites to talk about. Listen in, and ENJOY!

Ed Mercer and Travis Woods join Charlie and Mark again for a deeper look at the business opportunity available with Organo Gold coffee

Charlie and Mark bring back special guests Edward Mercer and Travis Woods, to discuss in depth Ed's challenge to create 100 new millionaires

Charlie and Mark bring special guests billionaire Edward R. Mercer and Travis Woods from Organo Gold onto the show to talk about an exciting new business opportunity. Don't miss it!

Charlie and Mark discuss the latest unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the future outlook for employment in America
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