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Welcome to this SPECIAL episode on Global F.A.C.T. Radio! Our guest ROBERT MENARD explains his Consumer Purchase Theory/Experiment. I first heard about this experiment from Robert while having a few beers with him last... more

Staying up to date on the events of the world these days is hard work, things are happening so fast right now, so Paul & Chance will keep you informed & updated on the events happening right now.. Call in Live 646 478 5728 Twitter... more

New Pope in town, so tonight we will look at if this is the End of the papal system as we know it and much more..... Also we will look at some important news stories happening now, in this time of awaking

On this episode of CONSCIOUS LIVING, we will be joined by 4 panelists who will partake in a round table discussion about the validity of the OPPT. The panel consists of 2 proponents of the OPPT - Captain Deryl Zeleny of the Canadian... more

Paul & Chance have decided as a reference in the future and as a lesson to anyone new to this movement , we are doing this episode on the New World Order itself.... Who are they, & what are their plans to take over the planet.

Paul & Chance explore some of the mysteries sourounding the Pope quitting the Vatican, the Final Pope Perturs Romanus... Resons why he quit, secrets of the past present and soon to be future...All of this and more on the 37th Ep of Truth... more

On this episode of CONSCIOUS LIVING, we are honored to have two guests: Heather Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of The OPPT (The One People's Public Trust) and Captain Deryl Zeleny of the Canadian Armed forces. Heather will... more

Paul & Chance will be looking into the exsitance of the Source Feild & Consciousness... We will look at science, theory and mystery of the secrets of the universe .. After thousands of studies examined, ancecent myths exploredand... more

Welcome to another episode of CONSCIOUS LIVING! On this episode our guest will be ROBERT MENARD, Freeman On The Land. Robert will discuss his views on the concept of freemen and sovereignty. For more info on Robert Menard,... more

Paul & Chance will invesigate the growing Police State in Canada. Incuding the G20 meeting , new laws and even Canadian Activist confronted by RCMP for confronting out Dictator in charge Mr Harper.. We will be joining by these... more