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The Logic of Islam with Dr. Carl Goldberg

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After briefly reviewing some of the events of the week including Donal Trump's forthright call for war against the ideology of "radical Islam", we will continue our discussion of "enormities" (forbidden behavior, sins) in Islam and Shari Law. Remember, because Sharia Law is considered by all religious Moslems to be sacred and binding, sharia law becomes civil and criminal law wherever the Islamic religious authorities acquire political power. Therefore, whatever is considered a sin in Sharia law becomes a punishable crime in society. The totalitarian and imperialist nature of sacred and mandatory Sharia law is what distinguishes Islam from all other religions. This is what puts religious Moslems at odds with the law in all non-Moslem countries and what prevents religious Moslems from being patriotic, loyal citizens of non-Moslem countries. Non-religious Moslems can be patriotic citizens but only because they do not follow their religion the way they are supposed to follow it.

This week we will deal with the following sins in Islam:

1. Showing off in good works

2. Learning or concealing sacred knowledge

3.Reminding revipients of one's charity to them

4. Disbelieving in Destiny  (free will)

5. Listening to people's private conversations

6. Cursing

7. Believing in fortune-tellers and astrologers

8. A wife's rebelling against her husband

9. Making pictures

10. The tale-vearer who stirs up enmity between people

11.Excesses against others

12. Considering Muslims unbelievers -- takfir

13. Hurting or reviling Muslims

14. Harming the friends of Allah

15. Men wearing silk or gold