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The Logic of Islam with Dr. Carl Goldberg

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In previous episodes we saw how Islamic Sharia Law is considered by religious Moslems to be Allah's sacred law and, therefore, mandatory despite the fact that some "moderate Moslems" would like to consider Sharia Law to be optional. We have seen that Sharia Law is both totalitarian, beause it covers every aspect of life from birth to death, and imperialist because it requires Moslems to make war on non-Moslems and conquer the world for Islam. We have seen that Sharia Law violates American law in many respects and, therefore, Moslems are not free to practice those parts of Sharia Law in America. This means that, to the extent that Sharia Law violates American law, to that extent Moslems are not free to practice their religion here. Like it or not, this is a restriction on Moslems' religious freedom. The Islamic religious authorities tell us that there is an irreconcilable conflict between loyalty to Islam and loyalty to America.

Today, we will continue our discussion of Sharia law based on the most popular manual of Sharia Law: "Reliance of the Traveller -- A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law." This manual, used in American mosques, was approved as a guide to Sunni Moslems' behavior today by the highest Islamic religious authorities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and America. We will review:  1) Non-Muslim Subjects of the Islamic State; 2) the non-Muslim poll tax (protection racket). Then we will discuss 1)The Penalty for fornication and sodomy; 2) penalty for accusing a person of adultery without proof; 3)the penalty for theft; 4)penalty for highway robbery; 5) the penalty for drinking; 6) Oaths and promises.

We will also discuss one of the many misleading names of our enemy: "Islamic extremist terrorism", and why it is misleading.

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