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Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

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ESPN submits to Islam, suspends former professional baseball player Curt Schilling (a future Hall of Famer) for "retweeting" a message.  In America today, 14 years after the most horrific terrorist attack on American soil, islam is being sanitized.  We no longer have the ability to call muslim terrorists "radical islamic terrorists", as proven by Mr. Schillings retweet.  Adolf Hitler was in bed with islamists and confered with the Grand Mutfi of Jerusalem in their quest to exterminate Jews.  However, ESPN doesn't like that fact, so they seek ways to rewrite history.  14 years later confusion is epidemic in America, you couldn't say muslim terrorists, that eluded to an indictment of all muslims. So the line was moved to the politically correct term: "radical islamists". But this month that line was moved yet again, by ESPN, because they found that term to be, waiti for it - "Offensive". 14 years after muslim terrorists terrorized America causing billions of dollars in property damage and killing almost 3,000 Americans politically correct corporations have moved the line in the sand, yet again.  Radical islamists or radical jihadists, as Sean Hannity loves saying is now offensive to muslims?  You would think muslims and Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups in America would distance themselves from islamic Jihadists. Now they seem to be making excuses for them?

It's Labor Day 2015 - we'll discuss the days events, reminice 2009 union food processing plant removes Labor Day as a paid holiday. 

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