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Jerry Gordon's Open Letter to Rep. Pete King R-NY

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Sr. Editor for the New English Review will record an Open Letter to Rep. Pete King. Mr. Gordon will cover issues for consideration of the 112th Congress. Mr. Gordon will provide the ground work intelligence encouraging Rep. King to bring Arif Alihan, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Assistant Secretary to explain why he did not support the LAPD Muslim Community Profiling Project that sought to monitor "Radicalism" in that community. Then there is the spiking of the fraudaluent Family Reunion Program for the Legal Humanitarian Immigration Program that DHS DNA tests uncovered coupled with a call fror a GAO audit of this billion dollar boondoggle controlled by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and administered by State and DHHS ORR and paid for by US taxpayers. Then as an illustration of how broke the system mandated by the Refugee Act of 1980, we will discuss the egregious Somali emigre issue: recruitment of home grown terrorists, human trafficking, khat drug trade, medicare and federal grant fraud, gang warfare, violation of the Establishment Clause with charter schools in Minnesota and elsewbhere, honor killings, and public health exposures in the Tysons and JB Swift episodes. I will resurrect the First Responder Protection Act that I drafted for Rep. Sue Myrick and ACT For America before I left because it levers off her Airline Passenger Liability Protection Act of 2006 caused by the six flying Imam's case. I will cover important highlights from my interview with David Yerushalmi about indicators of radicalism in U.S. Mosques, anti-Sharia legislation; i.e., American Law for American Courts, and the Former Muslims United (FMU) non-responses from American Muslim Leaders.


0:16 Jerry Gordon

Good morning Radio Jihad listeners! This is Jerry Gordon with an essay about what Representative Pete King can do to stand the radicalization of the American Muslims. If anything -- Congressman King has kicked off his new job as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee with a bang. After all, it's not often that you can find a living congressman who can tick-off the New York Times and CAIR all at the same time, over the same issue. That issue is what to do about radicalization of the American Muslims and in particular the growth of homegrown terrorists. In an off ad published in Newsday on December 19th, Congressman King said the following, "Even today, I cannot begin to describe the disappointment, anger, and outrage I felt when, barely a month after those attacks..." he was still referring to 9/11, "...that killed so many hundreds of Long Islanders. Prominent Long Island Muslim leaders were insisting there was no evidence that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks. After all, it could have been the FBI, CIA, or those Zionists -- the Mossad. Even more troubling to this day, no Muslim leader has denounced these vile remarks nor did Newsday say a word about these slanders. As I became immersed in attempting to unravel the radical Islamic threat to our nation and civilization, it became more and more obvious to me that the moral myopia of Long Island's Muslim leaders and their apologists in the media was the rule and there were few exceptions.

1:58 Jerry Gordon

Federal and local law enforcement officials throughout the country told me that they received little to no cooperation from Muslim leaders and imams. This noncooperation continues following 9/11. Al-Qaeda has adjusted to this new reality and is recruiting Muslims legally in the United States -- our homegrown terrorists who have managed to stay under the anti-terror radar screen. That is why I will hold these hearings. The New York Times immediately, at the turn of the New Year, put out an editorial that poured more oil on the fire of this controversy. They noted that Representative Peter King, incoming chairman of Homeland Security, has announced his plans to hold a hearing of what he calls the radicalization of American Muslims. Mr. King is a no stranger to blaster but his sweeping slur of Muslim citizens is unacceptable. We agree with Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the nation's first elected Muslim in the house, who called "King is very scary. It's worthwhile to try and find out what turned somebody from a normal citizen into a violent radical," Mr. Ellison said but not by vilifying an entire community for openers. Well, Representative King was not going to take that lying down. Just this past week, the Hill reported his reply it's that, "Basically, the New York Times is nothing more than a mouth piece for political correctness. I'm certainly not going to take any political advice and direction from the Times. I have more contempt at the Times than anything or anybody I can think of. People follow what I have to say. I'm outspoken and I can backup everything."

3:52 Jerry Gordon

Representative Ellison has comment about Representative King's extremism which reflected on criticism by Zead Ramadan -- nice name -- the New York chair of CAIR. He said basically that it's wrong that that he has not received cooperation from Muslim leaders and Imams. He should check with the FBI director, Robert Mueller, who testified that the Muslim communities' patriotism, cooperation, and support occurred when he spoke before the house and senate committees in 2009 and 2008. King supposedly has a long history of extremist for rhetoric and basic allegations of against the American Muslims, including, claiming that most mosque nationwide are run by radicals. He said 80% to 85% of American mosques are controlled by Islamic fundamentalists. As we will see it later, he is just right on. We would like to comment of a constituent Marshall Bossy who wrote back and replied to a Newsday column by the CAIR representative, that Representative King is not afraid to call us spade a spade -- not afraid to take the Muslim community to task for denial in 9/11 and other similar acts but liberals keep their heads in the sand, afraid they will offend them for the usual said reasons -- not Representative King. It's time the Muslim community publicly recognizes and acknowledges its failure in this regard and does all on its power to reactions and it centers and mosques to suppress the cultivation of homegrown terrorists. Then the anti-Muslimatics hooded in the US would be eliminated. My comment -- fat chance. That theme was picked up by M. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Forum on Islamic Democracy in a New York post column. He wrote, "Our nation's inability to discuss religious issues honestly is keeping American Muslims for having to accept the reforms needed to defeat political Islam and bring our faith into more modernity.

5:57 Jerry Gordon

The victimization mantra feeds more Muslim isolation and radicalization. It is finally left to fellow New Yorker, his honor, former Mayor Ed Koch, to indorse Pete King's investigative appearance. He said that the congressman's decision to hold hearings into what he calls a radicalization of American-Muslim community and homegrown terrorism -- is in my judgment, a sensible act on his part which should be supported by the American public. His decision is opposed understandably by some leaders in the American Muslim community. Far less understandable is the opposition of the New York Times editorial board and others who have attacked King for his plan. Koch drew attention to support from a peculiar quarter, Attorney General Eric Holder with another in New York Post article in late December said that the threat from homegrown terrorist has increased significantly and the prime cause -- it's a fanatical US born Muslim cleric. I assume he was referring to Al-Awlaki. It is one of the things that keep me up at night. You don't worry about these even two years ago, but now we do. The New York Post article indicated that clearly 50 of the 126 people indicted in the US on terror-related charges over the past couple of years were American citizens. Giving the imminent of Representative King's hearings, we suggest the following issues for our discussion this morning. First, is the infiltration by Muslim Brotherhood Officials in Department of Homeland Security. Second are the indicators of radical compensation amongst the American-Muslims, specifically the Mapping Sharia Project and the freedom pledge of Former Muslims United. We want to address how to deal with the problem of Sharia Islamic Law by looking at the American Law for American Courts model.

7:58 Jerry Gordon

We also want to discuss something that I've been intermittently involved in that is the creation of an act to protect first responders fighting terrorism something that should be warm and cuddly to the heart of Representative King. Then we want to talk about the irony of homegrown Muslim terrorists who were given safe haven as refugees in America and the problems that they have created. While, the first hearing that Representative King will tee up a cordial set of prepared remarks by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Michael Leiter, director of the National Center for Counterterrorism and while we appreciate the congressman's concerns about White House Counterterrorism Sir John Brennan in his nefarious activities, we __8:49__ specifically with a subordinate official at Homeland Security, an assistant secretary by the name Arif Alikhan, who heads the Report and Office of Policy Development. He is one of two Muslim appointments of the DHS by the Obama Administration. The other is the Damascus-born, Kareem Shora, an American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Executive Director who has been appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. But our beef is about Arif Alikhan. While he was a deputy mayor in Los Angeles, in charge of public security, he mixed a program in 2007 with the aid of Muslim brotherhood fronts like the Muslim Public Affairs Committee to essentially take a program that was launched by LAPD Chief Leo Branton and with the assistance of the University of Southern California's National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of terrorist events.

10:03 Jerry Gordon

__10:03__ who writes periodically for the Inside News noted in September 2009 how Alikhan was responsible for derailing the police department's plan on monitor activities within the LA Muslim community where there were numerous radical mosques addresses and were some of the 9/11 hijackers received support from local residents. The astonishing thing about the Alikhan appointment is that he is strongly anti-Israel. He thinks that Hezbollah is a liberation movement, and Hezbollah as we know is on the US official terrorist list. He also opposed President Bush prosecution of the war and Islamic terrorism despite the fact that he was the special assistant to former Bush's Attorney General Gonzales. The purpose of the program in LA was laid out but it wasn't about targeting, it wasn't about profiling -- it's about gaining in intelligence and looking at the demographics of the Los Angeles Muslim Community. The objective as reported a congressional hearing was to identify communities within the larger Muslim community which maybe susceptible to violent ideologically based extremism and then use a full spectrum approach guided by an intelligence lead strategy. As Alikhan had a hand in the demise of the Muslim mapping program in LA, the issue is why did Janet Napolitano appoint him? That's the question for her, for Alikhan and for you to post to them both during your investigations.

11:56 Jerry Gordon

Let's look at some actual indicators of radicalization amongst American Muslims. First out of the box is the Mapping Sharia Project. When the LAPD Mapping Muslim Project failed, the mapping in Sharia Project succeeded probably because of private financing and it also gave you, Congressman King, ammunition about how radical American mosques are. In a December 2010, New English Review article -- we interviewed a prominent Anti-Sharia litigator and researcher David Yerushalmi, Esquire of Long Island, New York about the design and findings of the Mapping Sharia Project. David Yerushalmi is one of the prominent experts and developer uniform laws aimed at curtailing and outlawing the spread of Sharia Islamic Law. He designed the Mapping Sharia Project, and basically he also was involved as a co-author of the Center for Security Policy Team B II Report, Sharia Threat to America that was released in the fall of 2010. Yerushalmi defy Sharia as falling as based on the divine law of Allah represented and reflected in the Quran and rulings of the hadiths, and developed by Muslim legal authorities over a millennium. Sharia is that no law can coexist much less reigning supreme over Sharia. So if the extent of Sharia's purpose is that no law anywhere in the world were Muslims lives should coexist or rule over Sharia, that would suggest of any rational person that Sharia poses a threat. Thus, we have a principle threat that Sharia must reign supreme exclusively over every place where Muslims live, and we have to deal with its pre-violent jihad.

14:07 Jerry Gordon

Now, according to Yerushalmi, The Team B II report, Sharia: Threat to America had the principal following findings: First, the threat from radical Islam terrorists are so called man-made disasters that Secretary Napolitano promotes, is in fact driven by the same doctrine, the law of jihad. Second that the Team B II Report assessed the Sharia as followed by the various global jihadist groups and finds it is neither more provocative on extreme version of Sharia Islamic law. Third, and also important, finds that there is a concern to conspiracy by the Muslim brotherhood and other groups similar to it, to infiltrate and insinuate Sharia into our legal and financial systems to a variety of methods. These methods include lawfare, immigration, political lobbying and other forms that he deems as pre-violent jihad. By pre-violent that it means it is based on Sharia doctrine but mandates violent jihad but permits social, political, economic and legal jihad based on persuasion or stealthy efforts. If violent jihad is not viable, however the moment that violent or kinetic jihad is possible, Sharia obligates the full subjugation of us, the infidels through violence or the threat of violence. We ask them essentially, what were the principle findings from the mapping Sharia project? The mapping Sharia project was studied. It was begun in 2008. It was to determine if there was a correlation of the US mosques between Sharia adherence and violent literature promoting jihad under Sharia. They sent researchers in a randomly representative sample of hadith mosques here at the United States.

16:02 Jerry Gordon

We did not measure Sharia adherence along several behavioral axes or independent variables such as gender separation, prayer strictness and Sharia required pre-ritual in dress, and we measured the existence or presence of Sharia promoting violent literature as a dependent variable including the imams recommendations to study such violent materials, but we wanted them to ask was the __16:27___ that as mosque worshipers became more and more Sharia compliant what would you expect to greater likelihood of violent jihad literature and its promotion by the mosque imam -- we confirmed that. We also discovered something eye opening. As mosque worshipers became more Sharia compliant, the presence of violent jihad literature increases commensurately. The correlation between Sharia adherent mosques and imams promoting this violation also help. However, what was really eye opening that we found that 80% in the mosques of US are Sharia adherent and promote violent jihadic literature. Out of the 80% of these mosques, majority were actually Salafi mosques that are more orthodox or pure channel of goal sex of Islam similar to that of Saudi Wahhabism. Let us look at another indicator radicalization, the experience of what happens to the freedom pledges sent by Former Muslims United, a human and civil rights organization composed of former Muslims led by famed author and activist, Nonie Darwish. The freedom pledge was to basically request American-Muslim leaders and imams to abjure death fatwas against to those who chose to leave Islam and who were deem to be, not only apostates, but also traitors to Islam and therefore killed.

18:07 Jerry Gordon

The doctrine inherent in the freedom pledge was reflective of the principles of Islamic law under the four main schools of Sunni Islam: Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, and Hanbali -- that they unanimously agreed that a former Muslim male, also known as a apostate, must be executed and that a woman at best must be imprisoned or beaten five times a day until she repents or dies, and that is from the Fatwa Council at al-Azhar University in Cairo where President Obama spoke in June of 2009. The reaction to the more than 163 letters sent out in several ways in 2009 and early 2010 was astonishing. There were only two positive responses, one of them from M. Zuhdi Jasser whom we heard previously and the other from an interesting person whom I have met, Dr. Ali Ayami of Washington D.C. based Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Saudi Arabia. However, included in the batch were people like Dalia Mogahed, who is appointed to the White House Council of Faith-based Advisers to President Obama. She is also a famous Gallup Muslim pollster and author of "What a Billion Muslims Think," and the other was the prominent imam of the Park51 or Ground Zero mosque in Lower Manhattan and his wife Daisy Khan that is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife. Nonie Darwish of the FMU commented about this response. Overwhelmingly, these American-Muslim leaders do not order freedom to choose ones belief as guaranteed under our US First Amendment.

20:08 Jerry Gordon

That is the only conclusion we can draw by their failure to acknowledge or sign the freedom pledge. Another indication of the extent of radicalization that it has occurred amongst American-Muslim leaders and institutions our return to another development by David Yerushalmi. A model law, it is called American Laws for American Courts, a means of outline Sharia without engaging in any constitutional conflicts as occurred in a wake of the passage of amendment to the Oklahoma State Constitution when the local CAIR chapter immediately sued to overturn the law in chapter or court in Oklahoma City. During the 2010 legislative session in two states, Louisiana and Tennessee, a version of the American Laws for American Courts developed by David Yerushalmi was passed. There is going to be additional versions of this law that will be entered into legislative sessions at the state level in 2011 and hopefully will be considered by you and others during 112th session which has just began. There are many states currently considering this uniform law and as Yerushalmi points out, there are probably half or dozen of other states currently seriously considering adapting it. I think that as he said, "you have to do something to get the underlying problem corrected" which is effectively outlined Sharia in America.

22:07 Jerry Gordon

We have also developed a legislator proposal for a client, the Public Policy Alliance for doing just that at the state and the federal levels, but in all candor as Yerushalmi says "that is a hard nut to crack" because of the first jurisprudence but he believes it can be done because he has done it elsewhere. We had the good fortune to take a leaf out of your book when you were engaged in developing legislation under H.R. 1640 for protecting airline passengers and air cruise during the infamous six flying imams there that occurred at the Minneapolis Municipal Airport in 2006. We call this an act to protect for its respondents against terrorism. These are your national constituents Congressman King. We got essentially to this point after witnessing the bulldozer of CAIR opposition to local law enforcement officials in communities like Fairfax County. There, a police officer was involved in a traffic infraction incident with a Muslim doctor that led of filing of drug charges and a complaint filed by the National Council of CAIR. The matter became acute such that the local Fairfax county police officer approached Act! for America and others pretty myself at that time to assist in getting relief. That relief was a development of the act to protect for its respondents against terrorism.

24:02 Jerry Gordon

It is modeled on your H.R. 1640, the so called John Doe law. The essence of the proposed measure is essentially that it provides a shield for first respondents against civil liability complaints by Muslim brotherhood front groups identified by the US Department of Justice as unindicated coconspirators in Holy Land Foundation trial and convictions in 2008 who have ties to and provide a financial support for designated foreign terrorist organizations under US code, Title 8. It defines workplace harassment. It identifies applicable federal state and local first responder agencies in that regard. We hope that the proposed bill that was introduced during the 111th Congress by a call of viewers Representative Sue Myrick of North Carolina. Gain as wide as possible support now that the GOP is in control of the 112th house. We would hope that this version might be a fourth of the series of hearing by your House Homeland Security Committee and pass during the 112th session. This would help to protect all Americans. We believe from as long as it is there. Let's look at the cue of your problem that is the source of homegrown terrorism, our own humanitarian refugee program. As 2010 was starting to close, a terror threatens allegedly scrolled across the woman's washroom in the Tyson Foods Poultry Processing Plant in a small community in middle Tennessee, Shelbyville. Some on, most likely from within the Somali-Muslim workforce scrolled all Americans must die. Channel 4 WSMV TV in Nashville reported it to us.

26:05 Jerry Gordon

Over the course of the New Years Holiday weekend, reports came about Tyson's adding security personal but denying material throughout allegations. That led AP Award winning Shelbyville Times-Gazette journalist Brian Mosely, to question whether there was some truth lurking behind the story. On January 2nd, he wrote, "If the alleged graffiti did not include the report of threatening words, what exactly was written, that would require involvement of federal authorities? And which federal agency is now looking into the matter? But if the graffiti was harmless and not threatening, why not release the contents of the message to the public?" Doing so, we will go a long way to stifling the rumor mail and putting worried residents at ease. And Tysons, who has given a full explanation of what had allegedly occurred in the facility. We seriously doubt that Nashville NBC Affiliate could have waste a valuable highly holiday airtime on a story based on a secondhand rumor, about someone supposedly writing the stuff from wall. Instead the lack of disclosure award appears to be a minor case of vandalism it's only inside of more speculation about what goes on inside the plant. The several hundred Somali Muslims at the Tyson Shelbyville Plant have demanded to receive recognition of an Islamic Holiday Eid al-Fitr and given time off repair. Almost conflicting and almost rejecting a traditional labor holiday to a labor day. Thus, the plant has been made truly a compliant, but this is not an isolated incident. Several conflicts have occurred with Somali workers in the meat packing facilities of JB Swift Greeley Colorado, and cargo in Grenelle and Nebraska. There was even an honored killing perpetuated by a JB Swift Somali worker from Greeley, on a stepsister in Fort Morgan in 2009. In January 2008, Tysons closed its Imported Kansas Meat Packing Plant there, in the weight of community debates so the Somali workers given evidence of a public health hazard.

28:09 Jerry Gordon

Tests conducted by the Kansas State Public Health Department revealed that fully 160 Somalis are out of the workforce of 500 of them, had a virulent from of TB and at a rate of six times the incident for this state as a whole. Clearly, it was a problem with Somali meat packers and poultry workers who had primitive personal health standards and had come to the US without any adequate health screenings and virtually non-existent health records. But there was more from the Somali Muslim Community. In November 2010, the Federal Grand jury international handed out indictments against 29 Somali gang members from Minneapolis, Columbus and Nashville, for engaging in human trafficking and forcing young African-American and Somali Muslim girls into prostitution. There is also a drug trafficking by Somalis in the United States, in khat, a mildly hallucinogenic leafy plant. The DEA considers as a Class A drug. Packages of khat arrive daily in this country send by Somali brother via Royal Mail from the UK. In 2007, two leaders of the 70,000 Somali Muslim Community in Minneapolis were convicted of 1.5 million in Medicaid fraud and used the Ogaden Games to fund a lavish lifestyle in contrast to the impoverishment of many of their brother. Then there were the two Somali brothers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who plaid guilty in the Federal Court to scamming $400,000 buck and food stamps and sending the funds via the Hawala Money Transfer System to Somalia. The Hawala Money Transfer System accounts from more than one billion in transfers from the Somali Diaspora to the war-torn horn of African country.

30:00 Jerry Gordon

Somali Muslims are amongst the most troublesome refugees with ever the US under programs authorized by the Refugee Act of 1980. The records of by 200.000 Somali Muslims in America, who were brought here under a program incredibly enough as a result of 1981 controlled by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The Refugee Act is administered by the US Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration and the US Department of Health and Human Resources Office of Refugee Resettlement. The DHS, Immigration Control and Enforcement Agency, provides security in other clearance in this act, Refugees camps in Africa. During the 2010 Fiscal Year, over 4,000 Somali Muslims were sent to communities across the US, there were fully one quarter of "the allotment for African Refugees." They ended up in towns and cities across the US __30:56__ command under a united program called the Gateway Cities, instituted in the 1990s by the Clinton Administration. They were flown directly from Refugee Camps in Kenya to Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio, which already had large Immigrate Communities. And they were vectored to locations like National, Kansas City, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and even small communities like Lewiston Maine, Shelbyville, Tennessee, Fort Morgan, and Greeley Colorado. The annual budgets for support of this united refugee program run well is excess of $2 billion annually. That amount excludes several billions of welfare and Medicaid support for these refugees via State Agencies. Then there are the platforms of volunteer agencies like Catholic Charities, Lutheran World services, and even Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, as well as so called, Ethno Pop. That means Ethnic Advocacy Groups of refugees that receive sole source contacts and grants to assistance in so called absorption. Many Somali Muslim immigrants have come to this country, fraudulently through the sea and its representation, using the P-3 Family Re-unification Visa Program, by portraying themselves as disadvantaged, banned to slave minorities or having relatives who are not relatives, paid up almost $10,000 bucks to sponsor such non-relations.

32:27 Jerry Gordon

Some fraudulent applicants may even be involved in violation of US law against polygamous relations with US Somali sponsors and Ann Corcoran of the Refugee Resettlement watch estimates the fully 36,000 Somalis may have entered the US fraudulently based on DNA test, conducted by DHS ICE teams at Refugee Camps in Africa. That estimate excludes several thousand Somalis who have entered the US legally, seeking the silence for the generosity of our immigration law courts of the ICE arm of the DHS. The P-3 Family Re-unification Visa Program, because of these findings was effectively shut down by the Strata Program for the nearly two years. It is due to re-open soon unless your Homeland Security Committee intervenes to suggest a more selective approach. The Somali Refugee Community has found homegrown terrorist, recruited by radical Islam in Immigrate Communities like Minneapolis, Columbus and Portland, Oregon to travel to Somalia, to fight and die with Al-Qaeda Affiliate Al Shabaab or to undertake terrorist actions here. Several young Somali men recruited in the Minneapolis Immigrate Community were killed when they ultimately reached Somalia. One angry relation of a diseased accused youngster, land based of local imams at a set at Homeland Security hearing in 2009, because they threatened Somalia immigrate families and use with retribution, if they spoke to federal instigators trying to track down and convict recruiters at these __34:17__ homegrown terrorists.

34:19 Jerry Gordon

FBI Director Mueller, in a council of foreign relation speech and global terrorism, underscored this cultural divide that created these homeland terrorists. He said, "The prospects of young men in doctorate with radical eyes within your communities and induce to travel to such countries and take up arms, to kill themselves and perhaps many others, is a perversion of the immigrant story." On Black Friday, November 26th, Oregon State University student, Mohammad Osman Mohamud, a Somali Muslim was caught in a FBI sting operation attempting to blow off a van filled with fake explosives during the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland's Pioneer Square. These homegrown terrorists might mimic Mumbai-type swarming attacks, using low-tech weapons and vehicles against cues of early morning shoppers at Beat Box Stores on Black Friday. Kinds of Counterterrorism consider this a compelling and dangerous possibility. So if these Somali Muslim emigre homegrown terrorists are span by a generous Refugee Program, what can you primaries been can't do as Homeland Security Committee Chairman? Here are some suggestions for you and your colleagues to consider. You're in control of humanitarian and refugee processing on behalf of the US State Department has introduced jihadis among the estimated 200,000 plus Somali immigrants in America. The Somalis have brought with them strict Sharia values that violate our constitution and civil rights laws and mark our Judeo-Christian values, still worst, they brought with them undetected contagious diseases like TB, hepatitis, and HIV, that evaded health screening prior to an entry to America.

36:07 Jerry Gordon

): Moreover, as they are tested by INS, DNA tests conducted to Refugee Camps in Kenya, there is a massive fraud committed in the suspended Family Reunification P-3 Visa Program. We need to enlist Homeland Security, to conduct DNA testing here among alleged Somali anchor families. We're moreover, as we stated earlier, we need you and other Members of Congress to commission general accounting audits of the Family Reunification Visa Program as a condition for real reopening. Further, we need to establish more effective caps on Somalia refugee quotas and negotiate possible diversion to other countries under the control of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Radical Somali imams with so called religious order Visas may be found to have indoctrinated naturalized American youth in extremist Islamic Jihad violence. The H1 visas for religious orders from countries harboring extremist Muslim clerics must be tightened, to prevent such infiltration in the Muslim communities in America. FBI and local encounter terrorism authorities need to step up monitoring of the radical Somali emigre communities in the US. This is a vital necessity to prevent swarming attack threats from returning American-Somali Al Shabaab fighters, who evade capture by US immigration and counterterrorism authorities. We need Congressman King as a result of this and other disclosures, annual hearings a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy. The US is vulnerable to homegrown naturalized Somali Jihadis initiating devastating Mumbai-type swarming attacks.

37:57 Jerry Gordon

We thank you, for your good efforts. We wish you well in the conduct of this forth coming hearing and unlike the previous session of congress, we expect results. We also want to thank our colleagues at Radio Jihad for this opportunity to get this message across to you and thousands of Americans, to make them understand how important these upcoming hearings are and how baseless the charges are, by the New York Times and Congressman Ellison. Thank you.