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Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson News on Islamic Terrorism. Mark Levin last week interviewed Muslim M (Mohammed) Zuhdi Jasser. Tonight we discuss and respond to the interview. Is Mr. Jasser telling the truth about Islam? Is he a deceiver, or is he deceived? Important topic as many are using Mr. Jasser as a source of information about Islam. Usama explains Islamic Terror from its sources: the Qur'an & Hadith (Mohammed's words) and all issues related to Islam. We expose the Jihad being waged against the Western world and Israel. Call in: (319) 527-6706. To comment (Hit #1) or just listen by phone. We do not hate Muslims, we love them. But we hate Islam! There's no "Radical Islam." Islam IS Radical! Pray God will Save America. God Protect Israel. Web: www.thestraightway.org for Generous Qur'an, translation by Usama Dakdok also as an e-book. Invite Usama to speak! Videos: "Freedom or Surrender," "Revealing the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama," Also: VCY Radio archive programs! FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Straight-Way-of-Grace-Ministry/233928479963443?ref=hl Twitter: @UsamaDakdok or @usamaway and Kristie Johnson @NdTimesNAmerica YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/usamaway Usama on M-F 12:30 PM CT on VCY America Radio: http://www.vcyamerica.org/radio Usama's TV Channel: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/profile/usama-dakdok Global Patriot FB: https://www.facebook.com/gpatriotradio Twitter: @gpatriotradio
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Last Sunday, conservative pundit and talk show host conducted an hour-long interview with Amewrica's poster-boy "moderate Moslem", Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. Unfortunately, Levin failed to ask Dr. Jasser the most important questions about... more

John Wedger is a former Police Officer from the United Kingdom who knew about the Islamic sex rape gangs as far back as early 2000s. When he tried to investigate and report, he was essentially told to hush up, otherwise he could... more

Civilization Jihad Awareness is focused on provising you with the news and information needed to understand a very real war against non-Muslims. This jihad is not always hot and not always cold. But it is constantly in motion. Always... more

Mike Holt is a Man who is a stanch activist in defending Australia, he has been very active of late protecting the legal rights of Australians, and how we can do the same in our respective countries. This is a fascinating discussion... more

Well it might be a start & this is certainly not the UK; SPLC Apologizes & pays $3,375,000 to Maajid Nawaz for smearing him as "Anti-Muslim Extremist". Maajid Nawaz & his org, the Quilliam Foundation, filed suit against SPLC for wrongly... more

As someone who is a charter member dittohead of The Rush Limbaugh Show, many of my opinions and vocabulary emanate from his show. I do remember the days of caller abortions, condom and evil empire updates, and the wit he used... more

Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson News on Islamic Terrorism. Usama explains Islamic Terror from its sources: the Qur'an & Hadith (Mohammed's words) and all issues related to Islam. We expose the Jihad being waged against the Western... more

This week we will discuss the topic: NO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR MOSLEMS! (It's not what you think!)

Civilization Jihad is a very real Islamic concept that is thriving in western society. In Europe it is combined with the effects of mass migration. In America and Canada it is being pushed on 4 levels. They started in the colleges, and moved... more

I am so Honoured to welcome back John of Old White Guy once again to IAW. A Man of Wisdom and a sharing as to what is happening up here in Trudeau Canada. John is a Veteran and a frustrated Canadian. I am PROUD this... more