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The Global Patriot Radio is comprised of 7 different hosts 7 days a week sharing their unique perspectives on the current events of the day. With shows ranging from 1-2 hours it allows each host to dig deep into the stories of the day exploring events rarely heard in the mainstream news. At the Global Patriot Radio Network we take our freedom of speech very seriously because we understand most countries around the world do not have this luxury. Even in some western countries explaining the truth about the Global Jihad Network, worldwide national security threats, and dictatorial leaders will land people in jail and forcing their silence. At GPR we will not be silent. We focus on opinions founded in facts and evidence. Global Patriot Radio Network is the voice of the Patriotic Resistance Movement in America championing your rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as granted by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops. America Akbar! (All shows ET) FaceBook Global Patriot Radio. www.globalpatriotradio.com The Vito Esposito Show Monday 6-8 PM , Tuesday Infidels Are Watching 6-8 PM, Civilization Jihad Awareness with Paul Sutliff Wednesday 6-7PM, Thursday Gadi Adelman Show, America Akbar 8-10, Friday The Dr. Carl Goldberg Show 12-1 PM, Saturday - Usama Dakdok Show 10-12 PM, Sunday Damon Rosen's Insane Sunday 1-2 PM Call in and let’s talk - (347) 857-1380

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Civilization Jihad is the name of the war that was declared against North America in 1991 by the North American Muslim Brotherhood. Awareness is the best way to fight this war. This show discusses current news in regards to Islamic terrorism and tells the truth about what Islam teaches. CJA's host Paul Sutliff isthe author of Civilization Jihad and the Myth of Moderate Islam and Stealth Jihad Phase 2: Infiltrate American Colleges. Paul is also one of the expert witnesses in the federal case against Gov. Nikki Haley and POTUS Barak Obama.HIs testimony lists several refugees and immigrants who ave been arrested or killed for terrorist actions. Feel free to call 319-527-6706 to join in the discussion. You have to press 1 so I know you are doing more than listening. Andrew Harrod will be joining us to discuss his article "Islamists find willing Allies in US Universities that appeared in American Thinker, Family Security Matters and Campus Watch. Andrew E. Harrod is a freelance researcher and writer who holds a PhD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and a JD from George Washington University Law School. He is admitted to the Virginia State Bar. He has published over 300 articles concerning various political and religious topics.
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Pastor Burney is the Founder of Target Truth Ministries and is well versed in global and domestic issues. He discusses events that affect us as a cohesive collective and as individuals - everything from Israel, the ramifications of Islam,... more

It's Martin Luther King Day - 2017 and in 3 Days 11 Hours from 6pm EST a new Beginning is upon the United States, as Trump/Pence take over the reins and right the ship. After 8 years we now know "Hope and Change" was a campaign... more

Less than a week after a Paris style jihad attacked killed four IDF soldiers and injured 15 in Jerusalem, the antisemitic France is hosting a conference to further attack Israel. The cheese-eating surrender monkeys just can't shake their NAZI... more

Usama Dakdok + Kristie Johnson with special guests discuss money + evil. Usama on Sharia Finance. Our guests, Dale and Tiffany, reveal the evil investments that some churches may be supporting. Guest Tiffany: fighting Sex... more

This Friday, the 13th, we will play our first round of "Twenty Questions" to test your knowledge of Islam. Here are the first ten questions in advance: Explain the difference between ISLAM and MUSLIMS. Why are terms like ?political Islam?,... more

Gadi and Dee will be bringing their unique point of view to the headlines on the world of national security and islam, keeping you way ahead of everyone else. We'll have another full show for you as there is so much to discuss from... more

Civilization Jihad is the name of the war that was declared against North America in 1991 by the North American Muslim Brotherhood. Awareness is the best way to fight this war. CJA's host Paul Sutliff isthe author of Civilization Jihad and the... more

This is awesome! Kel has the honour to have Mike DeZinno and Dave Meola of American Patriot Radio, which also carries many shows from Global Patriot Radio, as her Guests this evening! http://www.americanpatriotradio.com/... more

Yesterday, January 8, 2017 Terror struck Israel yet again, killing 4 (all 4 were IDF Soldiers) & injuring 13 in a horrific truck terror attack. Terrorist driving truck was killed on the spot! Hamas response, parade celebrating terror attack. Attack took... more

Keep telling yourselves "Islam has NOTHING to do with it", and maybe it will go away. Fort Lauderdale... Jerusalem ... the blood flows and the heads roll. But everyone knows Jews building apartments is the reason for the chaos in the... more