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The Global Patriot Radio is comprised of 7 different hosts 7 days a week sharing their unique perspectives on the current events of the day. With shows ranging from 1-2 hours it allows each host to dig deep into the stories of the day exploring events rarely heard in the mainstream news. At the Global Patriot Radio Network we take our freedom of speech very seriously because we understand most countries around the world do not have this luxury. Even in some western countries explaining the truth about the Global Jihad Network, worldwide national security threats, and dictatorial leaders will land people in jail and forcing their silence. At GPR we will not be silent. We focus on opinions founded in facts and evidence. Global Patriot Radio Network is the voice of the Patriotic Resistance Movement in America championing your rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as granted by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops. America Akbar! (All shows ET) FaceBook Global Patriot Radio. www.globalpatriotradio.com The Vito Esposito Show Monday 6-8 PM , Tuesday Infidels Are Watching 6-8 PM, Civilization Jihad Awareness with Paul Sutliff Wednesday 6-7PM, Thursday Gadi Adelman Show, America Akbar 8-10, Friday The Dr. Carl Goldberg Show 12-1 PM, Saturday - Usama Dakdok Show 10-12 PM, Sunday Damon Rosen's Insane Sunday 1-2 PM Call in and let’s talk - (347) 857-1380

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Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson tonight on the New Normal of excusing & confusing Americans about Islam. Is Tim Kaine clueless on, or supporter of Islam? Usama explains Islamic Terror from its sources: the Qur'an & Hadith (Mohammed's words). We cover politics, news and all issues related to Islam! Since 2010, exposing the Jihad now being waged against the Western world and Israel. Call in: (347) 857-1380 with comments (Hit #1) or just listen by phone. We do not hate Muslims, we love them. But we must hate Islam! There's no "Radical Islam." Islam IS Radical! Pray God will Save America! **Web: www.thestraightway.org for Generous Qur'an - Usama Dakdok also as an e-book. Invite Usama to speak! Videos: "Freedom or Surrender," "Revealing the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama," Also: VCY Radio archive programs! FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Straight-Way-of-Grace-Ministry/233928479963443?ref=hl Twitter: @UsamaDakdok or @usamaway - Kristie Johnson @NdTimesNAmerica Usama Dakdok M-F 12:30 PM CT on VCY America Radio: http://www.vcyamerica.org/radio Usama's TV Channel: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/profile/usama-dakdok YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/usamaway Kristie Johnson: www.endtimesinamerica.org Global Patriot FB: https://www.facebook.com/gpatriotradio Twitter: @gpatriotradio
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After examining some events of the week from the Moslem world, we will continue our discussion of Sharia law based on the most popular manual of Sharia law, "The Reliance of the Traveller -- A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law".... more

Tonight Gadi and Dee will be joined by Ken Benway, LTC, USA (Ret.), Special Forces and Colonel Richard F. (?Dick?) Brauer Jr. USAF, (Ret). They are the co-founders of Special Operations Speaks and will be on to discuss the... more

Civilization Jihad is a term used by the Muslim Brotherhood to describe their war against North America. It is their terminology, not mine! Its time to wake up America! Its time to see what the Islamists have been doing to America and... more

And we have much to share... Debates, reprobates, and islamobates.. Thanks for being here! Welcome to Infidels Are Watching, where we strive to educate about a threat…called Political Islam. We ARE the Freedom Loving Infidels. We... more

Another Islamic Terror attack in small town America; Buirlington, WA, Friday Sept 23, 2016 20 yr old Turkish Muslim immigrant went on a shooting spree at a mall killing 5 Americans. Media wants to know why? Quran Chap 4 verse 71 (4:71):... more

According to Barry from Hawaii, we are "just in a war of narratives" with the Islamic State! Did you see those narratives blow up in New York & New Jersey last week? Or how about that narrative that stabbed eight people in a mall in... more

Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson discuss the New Normal for America. More terror in America. But it takes longer each time to even use the word terrorism. Usama explains terror from its sources: the Qur'an & Hadith (Mohammed's... more

This week, after review a few of the events from the Islamic world and relating them to Islmic law, we will discuss the notion of slander and lying in Islam. The authoritative manual of Sharia Law, "Reliance of the traveler", contains a whole... more

Gadi and Dee will be bringing their unique point of view to the headlines on the world of national security and islam, keeping you way ahead of everyone else. We'll have another full show for you as there is so much to discuss from... more

Civilization Jihad Awareness is a cry to awaken every North American to the war being actively waged against the USA and Canada by the Muslim Brotherhood and every Islamist in these countries today. Today author and educator Paul... more