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Healed To Be Whole-Do You Want To Be Made Whole?

  • Broadcast in Women
Christie Williams Ministries

Christie Williams Ministries


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Are you laying infirmed and impotent in some areas of your life? Impotent-without form, void,powerless, futile, incapable of producing. Jesus went to Jerusalem and there he found such a man. A man that was laying with  a great multitude of people such as himself, infirmed and impotent. Often times when we're going through something or just in life itself, its easy and more comfortable for us to surround ourselves with those ho have like conditions. It feels good to the flesh to be around the familiar, the likes of ourselves, around people who won't expect anymore from us. People that will help us celebrate our impotency and applaud our dysfunction. This man had laid in his impotent condition for 38 years? How long have you been infirmed? How long have you been impotent? How long have you NOT been able to rise from your condition and stand in your position? How long have you been laying in a voided state, exsiting, but unable to produce life? This man's wasn't only infirmed  in his physical condition, his mind, his emotions, his spirit was impotent. He was infirmed in every area, powerless to produce life. I find it so interesting that when Jesus saw him lying there, knowing that he had been in that condition, in that state, in that infirmed, impotent place, He didn't ask him did he want to be healed, He said, "Do you want to be made whole?"Whole...Complete in every area. This man was incomplete. For 38 years He lay incomplete in His body, in his mind, in his thoughts, in his essence, in his soul. What things in your life have weaken you, infirmed you, caused you to lay year fter year, day after day, moment after moment, incomplete? Do you want to be made whole? Not just healed from your condition but whole in your position, in who God created you to be. Do you want to be made whole? The man answered and said,  I don't have anyone in position to help me in my condition. Many times our condition mirrors our position.