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The Birthing Center-What's Your Name?

  • Broadcast in Women
Christie Williams Ministries

Christie Williams Ministries


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God called Abram, " a father of many nations" before he became "a father of many nations". He didn't call him by the process he'd have to go through to get to, HE called him by the promise. He called him by his identity and Abram had to have a name change to respond to the call. His name carried his purpose, ABRAHAM," a father of many nations". God called Abraham the father of many nations when there were no kids in sight.When God calls you something, that’s what you are. You may not look like it, you may not feel like it, you may not like the call, but God’s Word is the truth no matter what you can see or how you feel. Some of us have the call but have yet to receive the name while some of us have the name but we're void of the call. Whatever the case maybe,God calls and names as He wills and that's enough to strip us from every label we've wrapped ourselves in. How can we know our call when we don't even know our name? The promises, the inheritance is calling our names, but if we're deaf to the call, we mute the blessings.If we don't ever know our true identity, we'll operate outside of purpose and miss the promises. Know who you are in Him, believe you are who He says you are, and obey the call. Our name was given to us by our parents so that we'd be recognizable in the earth but God has given us an identity to establish us in the Spirit and we our names must match our identity. Abram  was his name meaning "high father" but  his identity was Abraham, "father of a multitude". Sarai was her name, "princess" but her identity was Sarah,"mother of nations". Jacob was a deceiver, liar, trisketer & coniver  but God identifed him as "Israel".. Our names have been changed but we're still answering to our (old) nature. How can we hear Him call (purpose) when we don't know our name (promise).