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The Birthing Room-Between The Promise and The Provision

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What is this place I'm in? It seems as though I'm in a holding place and nothing is coming forth. What do I do when I'm standing between the "promise and the provision" ? Bettter yet, what is this place? Many of us are here between the promise and the provision, it really is a barren place, a place where our strength fails us-a place of waiting. For so long we've, in Christandom have looked at  a "barren place" in our lives and the lives of others, as a sign of weakness or sinfulness yet that's not always the case. When God promised Abraham his seeds would be multiplied as the stars of heaven and grains of sand, it seemed like all he and Sarah had to do was come together, make love and 9 months later deliver. NOT SO! Between the promise revealed and the provision concealed they stood in a place, a season of impotency and barrenness.What do you do when impotency has gripped your spiritual intimacy and you find your self unable to produce the promise? Ah, what do you do when you're laying impotent with no fom and void? What do you do when others spiritual wombs are swollen  with expectation and sounds have excitement are filling them but you can't hear or feel any activity in your womb? What do you do? Sarah found herself in this place. A place of barrenness, a place of impotency, a place of longing and she allowed the longing to turn to lusting decided to intervene to bring forth the promise in her own strength. She didn't wait own God ! All she could see was the prromise, she didn't understand the process of a barren womb, she didn't undestand the process of the wait, she didn't understand the process of an impotent season. So Sarah used a substitute! She thought a surrogate womb could birth her promise! She and Abraham made their own seed promise their  way, offered him to God  God rejected that seed, Ishamel because the promise was Isaac!