Associations, Limit Setting, & More with Melinda and Hank

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Melindas Girls In Power Show

Melindas Girls In Power Show


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Melinda will be interviewing Hank Heister this week.  Here's a bit of information about Hank....

From Hank's Blog....

"My background starts with my German parents arriving in the US in 1925, born and raised in Rochester NY, worked in Boston and NYC as a VP for the 2nd largest NY Stock Exchange firm then owned by Ross Perot and in 1974 left Wall Street, moved to California and haven’t had another “corporate” job since.  :-)

My business ventures have had a wide range and during this time became a researcher of nutrition, “alternative” solutions, life and wellness. I have made my living running various business’ and the last 20 years had the freedom of earning a living doing what I love to do, that is, working with people and helping them get and stay well!"

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