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My aim is to help guide the lost youth to the truths of our nations founding and to help all turn away from the trappings of collectivism.

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Oil on the raise and Speculating doesn't help, but really who does more damge them or Government?

Why aren't Republicans doing anything about the Presidents continued weak stance? Never blindly follow positions.

Barry's birth certificate is easy to show as a fake. I'll teach ya how to do it.Dead body liqufication into fertilizer... this means you. And a descusion on Guns, Germs, Steel by Jared Diamond. All great calls!

We talk to Colorado Springs KKTV Brian Bledsoe about the current tornado activity, the levels, and what the polar magnetic shift maybe be doing to the Earth's weather.

Gas prices are rise and it's not just you affected. 75% of Americans are choosing between gas and food. We'll focus on how this is a collectivist goal. Great calls this night.

Talk on Jesus and his purpose, his impact and the miss use in America.

Take a break from taxes and help raise money for children. The Brain Balance Center helps children with Autism to over come their disability. Learn more at http://www.brainbalancecenters.com/ Learn more about rasing money to help... more

The Budget, Taxes and the Master Mind behind Colorado Tax Payer Bill of Rights (i.e. we vote before you can tax us) is arrested for "tax evasion", and Charlie Rangel sux.

Talking with the Eil Bremer Sitting Chair of the El Paso County Republicans, and from Vice Chair Ryan Parsell on the Colorado Springs "non-partisan" elections for Mayor and City Council.

NATO kills 13 Rebels days after liberal tout Obama history making handover! Also a new sponsor Colonel Kaddafi's Libyan Fried Chicken!