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My aim is to help guide the lost youth to the truths of our nations founding and to help all turn away from the trappings of collectivism.

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Immigrant Amnesty passes Senate. Congress says it's DOA, but if they are just going to pass something Senate can alter into their bill what does it matter? Zimmerman trial and IMF want to get Chapter 11 for nations. Just for starters!!!... more

Snowden headed to Ecuador to escape exctradion, but his choices in nation of travel and what has been expected as places he head seem poor choiced. Former FB's Security Chief now wors for the FBI, much more and YOU!!!... more

The FBI is admitting spying on us with drones while the media says they can't get contacts to talk to them since the government seized their phone records. The White House wanted to talk with the Taliban. Senate has a boarder... more

It's been beaten in pretty good so I'll only focus a little on Snowden. More importantly does Hillary really have the ego to think she can still run for President? Human Genetic Cloning is outlawed by the Supreme Court, the... more

With the IRS scandal still growing, where's the debate on whether we pay them anything at all anymore? Sure the terms Flat and fair tax get mentioned, but it not even being discussed how it should work. Hear some of our idea and most... more

Sebelius ignores a dying girls need of a lung in the so benevolent Obamacare. A judge orders her to get the kid a lung. The wicked don't just keep their jobs they get better ones! Oh did I mention they all seem to be help the caliphate... more

Turkey erupts in revolution over a park. So it seems.

Holder may face perjury charges! Sure. Let's see how the day unfolds. Call in and join us! 1.877.404.0791

400 cities protest Monsanto. Over 200 show in Colorado Springs. Where's the News coverage? Russell reports on the event. 2,000 British protest day light beheading of British solider, nationalist held for racist tweets. Holder to... more

With all the scandals the most direct are ignored. There are brutal crimes being committed by law enforcement all over the nation right now. The pentagon has policing powers. Authority is out of control. What are our rights when this... more