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Ginnnah Muhammad name is World Wide, National and International. Ginnnah Muhammad name is ringing threw the halls of justice from Michigan Civil Courts all the way to Supreme Court of The United States Of America. As Ginnnah Muhammad stood for her rights in the sensitive times of 2009, She believes that we all have the right to practice our Freedom of Religion. Ginnnah Muhammad has an Impeccable clean record, This case is Un-president, as the courts ask a woman to strip off her religious grab just to have her day in court. It is shameful on America to ask a woman to undress in the court room who has a sincere religious belief. Ginnnah Muhammad has been featured in every news paper in the world from New York Times to the Washington Post, from Japan all the way to the home land of Africa. Ginnnah Muhammad has kept a humble attitude as she is pulled threw this political drama and has had an over nite celebre sensation, as she continues to work in her Aromatherapy shop building bridges and knocking down walls. This case has National and International Implications as Ginnnah Muhammad believes Civil Rights is the very fabric of the United States Of America.

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What do Women and Men want from each other? why is my skin so dry? & Politics

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Ginnnah Muhammad

Ginnnah Muhammad

  • by Ginnnah Muhammad
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Hi I'm Ginnnah Muhammad and I just wanted to post one of the many papers that spoke on my case, and we still are fighting from 2006 and now it's 2009 . It's hard but no one said it would be easy.... more

If you are anything like me you need your blackberry no Internet, no social Networking, no emails , oh my as I wait for a re-boot listen in.

Ginnnah Muhammad take on Derrick Coleman
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