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GIN Boyz


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Advice on love sex relationships & everything in between with a comedic twist. We Get It N every friday night, 100% real talk with them RnB hits you know & love, topics are for the grown, sexy & mature so put the kiddies ta bed! GIN & KANDI (718)305-6795

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Are you ready for a relationship? Is the reason you can't find a good man because you have a couple inner demons you need to work thru and get past. Do you recognize a good man/women when you see one or is your past... more

How honest a person are you? Ok now how honest a person are you when it comes to the opposite sex? For the most part..people tend to be pretty honest, thast is when they are confident enough & know who they REALly are, it... more

In every relationship, someone has "the upperhand" when it comes to certain situations, like most men believe they play a dominate role, but a lot of women beg to differ. Can your man come home at 3am & not catch hell, what if... more

I Know..I know..but this time WE ON!! Y'all know the topic & what its about im sure but just in case.... So your dating..its going well, this might be something Is it time to meet the parents?? What if children are involved, how long should you... more

Sex is eventually going to happen in relationships,So is there a underlined time frame when you should have that first encounter? and some of us take sex to the extreme.So whats a reasonable time frame to break out the freak in you, Can... more

When asked, most women say they get along with men better then then women, therefore have more male friends, my male counterparts say they do have female friends, BUT they slept with or "wouldn't mind" sleeping with most of them. So... more

Interracial Dating, what was once frowned upon... Is now trending. So lets get to the real. Do Black men/women have a problem with the opposite sex dating outside their race? What about the stereotypes, are White women easier, are... more

Polygamy has been around since the time of kings, Men of wealth & high ranking had multiple wives & concubines, Some Eastern civilizations and religious factions still practice this tradition and hold this in fact to be there right under their faith... more

Waking up from a long night you barely remember, what goes through your mind when you realize, I don't even know your name! Can a one night stand evolve into a healthy relationship, or should it be just that. ~G.I.N. BOYz & Kandi~ Call... more
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