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Defending Dixie

Defending Dixie


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Ill talk about any thing about the south, how to defending the south and what the federal government is up to and everything in between

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We will be talking about the several events the Defenders of the Confederate Cross will be having this year

what orgnizations are the real thing and who is pretend

The NAACP attacking NC The monument in alabama being taken down Rights of southerns How to fight the NAACP The next battle field

how to defend our history what can we do together who is attacking us were is the next attack on us going to be silent sam up date naacp suing georgia is georgia next

Now is the time to vindicate How do we do this Efforts of other confederate groups out cry for this Board of directors update Silent sam update NEW NAACP Movements Were do we start How do we start

Were is the battle going to be held Who will lead us Who/ what organzation will fight the battle Update on silent sam rally SCV Update

today we will talk about how the federal goverment in 1861 led by president aberham lichon is quiet similar to todays current federal goverment led by president obama...

i nthis show we we talk about how to vindicate our confederate anacesters 2, what confederate historical groups are doing that and which ones are not. 3, Is there a need for a new group to step foward? 4, How do we start a organzation... more