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We always seem to get shafted the most with shitty hours and then have to bend over backwards to get time off to get teeth pulled. Or a PAP smear. Or any other healthcare or crisis.Tonight i'll discuss the bullshit treatment that childfree women... more

Tonight's show i will discuss the challenges of having beta women as friends.

This will be an interesting show to say the least.....

I talk about my very first roommate i had in college during freshman year.

I discuss New Years Resolutions and why it's important to at least try and improve yourself, even if you don't keep you goals.

I discuss OccupyWallStreet, NDAA AND SOPA.

I discuss my take on why their is still a watch night service. I know the history behind it but i never understood the six hour hostage of many young people's New's Year Eve by pushy and controlling family members. I give my take on this... more

On this first episode,i will talk about Jesus-ween, Harvest Day Festival, Samhuinn and Tampered with Candy.