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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband. Gigabit Nation’s mission is threefold: 1) inform listeners how to get meaningful broadband into communities everywhere, 2) help communities increase broadband adoption and 3) provide a vehicle for people to work together – and with organizations – to get broadband done.

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Feetz don't fail me now! Chattanooga this week unveiled several awe-inspiring 3D applications that development teams created this summer on the city's gig network. As broadband champions get their brains wrapped around 3D printing and the technology's potential benefits, it's immediately clear why your broadband plan should include 3D printing apps. Two companies from Demo Day give you an eye-opening peek at the future. Feetz This is is a 3D printing manufacturer and retailer that creates custom-fit footwear for consumers of all shoe sizes. Using patented algorithms and snapshots from the customer's phone, Feetz integrates custom sizing measurements with individual design preferences to bring comfort, fit and style into each pair of hyper-customized shoes. 3DOps These folks have created a 3D printing manufacturer that provides contract medical devices for pre-surgical planning. Using patient-specific data, the company creates anatomical 3D models that enable surgeons to plan procedures before operating on patients.
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Sure, everyone knows Chattanooga's public utility-owned rocks. But 11 years before EPB launched Chattanooga to fame, Springfield, MO was way ahead of the curve with its Springnet fiber network. Their Manager of Network... more

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Digital inclusion - closing the technology gap between the have's and have not's - may be a priority for some federal and state agencies, but the delivery of measurable results happens mostly at the local level. This is particularly true for... more

Those who've felt that cities are being asked to give up too much for their broadband dance with Google and other companies should take a close look at Macquarie's deal with UTOPIA. These cities are getting a pretty good deal here... more

Gigabit broadband is going to expand the digital divide in some areas, at least in the short term, because gigs go where the money is. Wireless enjoys some advantages in costs and quick deployment that make it a valuable digital... more

It is accepted in economic development and public policy circles that a strong K-12 education system attracts and retains businesses, while contributing some of the local workforce. What may be less understood is how to... more

Every community needs a hackerspace or two. This hot trend can easily add a low-cost, high-impact spark to a struggling neighborhood, or accelerate the economic impact of your broadband network. The hackerspace movement can... more

Community broadband success usually does not ride solely on one person's shoulders. However, there is a type of person who is critical to a network project's success - the broadband champion, that local person(s) who figuratively carries... more

In March, in partnership with the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), host Craig Settles conducted a national survey of IEDC members. The primary goal was to better understand how broadband as a community asset... more

36% of economic development pros say "it's quite likely" broadband can encourage entrepreneurship among underserved urban or rural individuals. Craig Settles' survey report cites another 14% have witnessed this personally. And... more