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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband. Gigabit Nation’s mission is threefold: 1) inform listeners how to get meaningful broadband into communities everywhere, 2) help communities increase broadband adoption and 3) provide a vehicle for people to work together – and with organizations – to get broadband done.

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There's a point in the planning process when your community broadband project team and main stakeholders need an education in the basics of broadband technology. The city CIO or IT manager probably understands the tech choices you face. However, it's important the city manager, economic development team, Chamber president, steering committee and others know how those choices facilitate or hinder the outcomes they want broadband to achieve. Dave Russell, Solutions Marketing Director for FTTH equipment vendor Calix, brings clarity to common tech terms and terminology by explaining them in the context of key broadband business decisions. He helps listeners understand issues such as speed vs. capacity, the relationship between fiber and fixed wireless, technology options' and their impact on costs or deployment time, and matching needs with speeds and feeds. There are also business issues within the community that tech staff, providers, vendors and potential partners need to know in order for them to deliver products or services that best meet community needs. Russell offers some tips for helping communities develop a good RFP as well as an effective process for evaluating RFP respondents. This show is great preparation Craig Settles' Webinar for Iowa and Colorado communities that begins Wednesday.
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